SCEE's Home Community Lead Alex Weekes has unveiled two Veemee pool tables and several new spaces are arriving in PlayStation Home this week.

To quote: If you've not been to the Audi Space for a while, drop by this week! Audi are celebrating their victory at Le Mans 2010 with their latest update.

Headlining the updates, Vertical Run is revised with all-new - and more challenging! - boost and hazard placement, new reward for expert drivers, and a new car based on the Detroit Motor Show version of the e-tron.

Hot on the heels of the Darts board released last week, VEEMEE bring us not just one, but two pool tables! Head to Stuff to pick up the pool table bundle, priced at 2.49 € / 1.99 (discount applies for owners of the London Pub).

These stylish tables look great when not in use. Step up to the table and you'll find three rules variants available: English on one table, American and 9-ball on the other.

For those enjoying the '80's themed Playground space, this week sees the next in our releases of clothing and furniture. Check out the screenshot below for a sampling of what will be available this Thursday!

Once you're done checking out the '80's costumes, why not browse through the new Fantasy Fashion available at Alter Ego. There's Demon and Angel wings available for male and female, along with male Barbarian and Minotaur outfits.

Creative community member Agamer2006 recently developed rules for creating custom board games within Home personal spaces. This week we release a board game construction pack, featuring special new animated dance floor tiles. Build a custom dance floor, or get creative and create a game for you and your friends!

Have you heard of the Virtual Costume Convention (VCon)? Community member Dacrates has put together a full weekend of costume convention madness in PS Home this weekend.

There will be plenty to see and do during the weekend, so check out the schedule of events to see what you can get involved with. There will be costume contests, quiz night and board game session and more! See you there.

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