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Thread: Vanessa Morgan: Unannounced PS3 title that'll blow you away!

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    Vanessa Morgan: Unannounced PS3 title that'll blow you away!

    Now in her eighth year of gaming writing, and already a respected name in the computer and console game industry, gaming doyenne Vanessa Morgan has taken up the coveted role of Editor of one of the biggest and most popular gaming magazines in Australia and New Zealand, Official PlayStation¨ Magazine.

    We had a chat to Vanessa about what it's like to be the first female Editor of Official PlayStation¨ Magazine, what the coolest part of her job is, what her favourite games are and where she sees the future of PLAYSTATION¨3.

    Read on for the full story from Miss PlayStation herself...

    1. How long have you been in the games industry for? How did you get into it?

    Eight years. That's way, way, way too many years of playing all the average games that none of the guys wanted to touch for mags like Hyper, PCPP, PSW, Total Gamer, etc. Followed by getting a few breaks with overseas trips to see what was SquareSoft then Nintendo and E3. I then went on to edit the games section for K-Zone, TV hits and share my button mashing experiences in the Sun Herald, The West Australian, The Age, online, radio, TV and everywhere that would help assist with my world domination.

    2. How long have you been playing videogames for?

    I've heard rumours that my mum had me hooked up to a Magnavox Odyssey whilst in the womb but my first real memory is getting my hands on a NES and jumping on our chunky family computer around 8 or 10 years of age. Don't do the maths!

    3. How did you get to be the Editor of Official PlayStation¨ Magazine?

    I was kidnapped. After a couple of weeks of being chained to the desk and offered serious bribes I consented. I can now roam the office on a long rope. ARE YOU JOKING? This is the ultimate job for any gamer! When the dearly departed Naz left the post I was thrilled to get a call from Derwent Howard. And what a time to take on this huge title. Expect big things from us in 2008.

    4. We hear you're the first female Editor of Official PlayStation¨ magazine. How do you feel about that?

    Being female? Or being first? Both are pretty sweet. Both have advantages and disadvantages. I play the advantages.

    5. What's the coolest part of the job?

    Dealing with the boys in the office, they're all complete geek freaks. The debates, fights, challenges and the experience is what makes the mag. They make me look good and feed everything into making us number one. The overseas travel ain't tooooo bad and well, I play games for a living. You can't beat my job. Also, it makes for a great pick-up line.

    6. Do you get lots of fan mail?

    Oh it's pouring in! Most of it starts with "Hey Naz" or "I haven't got my prize yet". This however may change when the first issue hits stands May 28th and i get the "YOU'RE A GIRL" emails. Which of course will be a shock to my parents.

    7. What's the weirdest thing you've done in the name of gaming?

    Swam in a pool of baked beans (they get into everything and they are just little balls of slime). Yes, I lost a bet. No, you cannot see the photos.

    8. What do you enjoy about gaming?

    Forgetting, letting go and getting into the story or experience of the game. Added bonus is walking all over my opposition - boys NEVER like being ripped to shreds by a girl.

    9. What types of games do you enjoy playing?

    Backwards heads, flesh dripping from bodies, deformities, dead dogs with sharks teeth... all the seriously messed up things that will keep me up till 5am either through abject terror or a seriously well done survival horror story.

    10. What's your earliest gaming memory?

    Sneaking onto the library computer when I was meant to be borrowing books, to play Alley Cat after completing a marathon session the night before when my olds were sleeping.

    11. What's your favourite game(s)?

    Ico, Silent Hill 2, Burnout 3, Final Fantasy VII or X, Beyond Good & Evil, LocoRoco, Thief, Resident Evil, GTAIV. The list is endless.

    12. What are your thoughts on PLAYSTATION¨3?

    2008 is the year for PS3! Big titles returning, new IPs, HUGE announcements. It's exciting to see the console start to reach its potential.

    13. What do you think of Blu-ray?

    VICTORY! It's not until you compare Blu-ray to DVD that you realise the difference, but to me the most exciting thing is what it means for content in the future.

    14. Where do you see the future of PLAYSTATION¨3 taking us?

    Strong titles, superior graphics, more variety. I'm looking forward to HOME and the ways in which that will change how we interact with the PS3.Plus I think we'll be visiting world's that have pushed the most creative developers to the max, inspired by some of the most warped minds you'll never meet (mostly because they've been locked up and signed to contracts forbidding them to speak to norms like us).

    15. What are the top 5 PLAYSTATION¨3 games you're most excited about?

    1. LittleBigPlanet
    2 Motorstorm 2
    3. MGS4
    4. An unannounced title coming to PS3 for the first time
    5. Another unannounced title coming to PS3 that'll BLOW you away

    Sorry, not meaning to rub it in but OMG! The titles are BIG and so were the forms I've had to sign about not releasing any info until after the embargo dates pass BUT all will be revealed in the next two issues of the mag. We've had to fly to London, Paris, San Fran, Vegas and LA to nab this info. We're tired and our eyes are square.

    16. What are your interests outside of the gaming world?

    MUSIC! MUSIC! MUSIC! Rock, punk, psychobilly, metal... just about anything except COUNTRY! Bleurgh! I also help run a club in Sydney called Black Cherry, I do hip hop class twice a week and can often be found in various pubs throughout the inner west.

    17. Which games character most closely represents you and why?

    I think the obvious call would have to be Solid Snake - that man is just so darn sexy. Hmmm... physically it's gotta be Paine from FFX-2 - badass with the goth spiked hair, maybe a little of the attitude as well. Maybe throw in a little bit of Alyx Vance's (Half Life) friendly nature, technical know-how and zombie kicking ability and of course a lot of Chun Li "I'm the strongest woman in the world".

    Thanks for sharing with us Vanessa! Australia

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    Vanessa sounds cool. I'm sure she'll do a great job as editor.

    As for the unannounced titles, we can only speculate. As one of her favourite games is ICO, I can imagine that one of those titles is the next project from Team ICO. That will be awesome if it's true! I'm a big fan of the games that Team ICO create. Any news on them would have me drooling.

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