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Thread: Valve Explains Why They Avoid the 'Too Technical' PS3 Console

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    banksc Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sorceror View Post
    Valve doesn't owe Sony or PS3 owners anything, and they can choose not to develop for the PS3 if that's what they want.
    While I agree that they don't owe them anything; they should have kept their mouth shut. They came out and said it is too difficult for them to invest in...well, that sounds like bringing criticism upon yourself. Pretty big area of the market they are missing. PS3 hasn't saturated its market, yet, they are not interested in the potential $$? It's only going to get more 'expensive' to jump on the bandwagon later...

    otarumx, I smell a business opportunity with a translation like that. ....Babblefish got nothing on you!

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    seed101 Guest
    In my opinion if they valve continue this matter, some people who play their game eventually stop playing it coz everytime a came a cross of valves game in youtube and any other websites i see a lot of comments that valve is a lazy developer and all that crap...(dont hate me i just observe it..) well see what happen in time..

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    Boss Hogg Guest
    I don't really understand their logic in making those statements... I mean other dev studios have been able to develop games for both consoles without that much trouble so I'd think there has to be some decent middle-ware available to help with the task. Sure the game may not be QUITE as good as it could have been had it been an exclusive but I think the difference in quality would be small enough.

    At the VERY least I'm surprised they didn't say they'd continue to be open to other 3rd party picking up their games and porting them over - similar to what EA did for Orange Box. I don't see how Valve could lose out in that deal... it's at least better than not offering ANY games at all on the PS3.

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    evol4276 Guest
    thats such bs tho, because if they are "trying to make money" they should work on all platforms. i mean hell, look at squaresoft/enix. they for the most part for a while were only nintendo/ps, but now they have been making releases on most platforms. granted i understand the not wanting to figure out the mechanics, but i mean come on. more platforms = more money. simple as that. you have to put effort in to get anywhere, not just take the easiest road.

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