I can view the resulting .m2ts files with the kmplayer - haven't watched the whole movie but so far looks good - anyway i used PS3 SAK (Swiss Army Knife) v1.00 on the ps3 to backup to ext fat32 drive - copied those files to ntfs drive with "COPY /B Blu-Ray.a? F:\Blu-Ray.iso" change variables to suit-to make an .iso.

i mounted this with the latest deamon tool, then i used the latest trial of anydvd hd to rip to hdd, the files in the stream folder .m2ts are playable with kmplayer - i made and iso out of these files with imgburn and am waiting for power dvd to dl.

i understand this prog will play the iso- but i'm watching resident evil: apocalypse right now .m2ts file size for main move is 17,849,450,496 bytes. these prog are easy to find and use. hope this helps someone!