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Thread: Using ps3 as 1 hub for everything possible?

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    supernothing Guest

    Smile Using ps3 as 1 hub for everything possible?

    I have been interested in the concept of installing a linux based os onto my ps3 and was wondering whether the following are possible to do?

    1. I would love to use my ps3 for everything, for surfing the internet, word processing etc. I understand this is possible with any linux based os but i still don't understand the pro's and cons of installing say YDL6 over Ubuntu, i'm tossing up between the two but am not sure what will offer me a better experience. Any comments over what is the better os? I also think that using them as a nes emulator too is pretty cool
    I've read through a number of tutorials etc and just cannot decide upon what is the better os!

    2. I would like to sync my ipod with my linux based os on the ps3 with a program such as Banshee. Is it possible to sync the ipod into a folder where the music, videos and photos can be seen in the xmb menu? Then would it be possible to rearrange my ipod so it doesn't change the video filenames to something such as HMKJS or something along those lines?

    3. It is possible to set the XMB as the default os that boots up when the ps3 starts up right, you go through system settings correct? Just making sure

    Any help would be much appreciated

    ps: oh and also my ps3 runs wifi, so yeah not sure whether one os is problematic over another (i'm pretty sure there are fixes out there)

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    tERBO Guest
    1. I think that YDL is better because it has been build specially for PS3.

    3. Yes, that's correct.

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    hermy Guest
    1. Though YDL was specially built for the ps3, in my opinion Ubuntu is better. Easier to install, free (I think YDL is free now too, but I payed for my copy), and has a bigger community behind it for support, app development, ect. They even have special kernals now to let you access wireless internet. So I think it could hold its own against YDL or even surpass it.

    2. You can't access the music on your XMB and in Linux at the same time but you can work around it by putting your music on an external memory storage device (such as external HDD/Flash Memory). You would just have to set banshee to look for music, videos, and pictures on the external device. Also for the file names on your ipod, it always changes it but in banshee, itunes, or other media players, they still show the correct song information.

    3. Yes

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