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Thread: Urbanscan Reveals Premier Manager 2012 Hits PSN November 9th

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    Urbanscan Reveals Premier Manager 2012 Hits PSN November 9th

    Urbanscan Product Manager Jon Hughes has revealed today that Premier Manager 2012 will be hitting PSN on November 9th, with details below as follows:

    It's great to be back to tell you about the PlayStation Network launch of Premier Manager 2012 on November 9th for the special launch price of 9.99.

    We've been working hard over the summer to bring you an even bigger and better football management experience for your PlayStation 3.

    Whilst discussing new ideas for the game, we often have a debate in the office as to who is the greatest football manager of all time; Ferguson, Hitzfeld, Michels, Clough, Mourihno?

    Generally we come to the conclusion that it is difficult to compare managers of today with those from days gone by. Modern day management is all about managing ego's, paying big wages and keeping the fans happy with big money signings and you'll find all of that covered in Premier Manager 2012 with our improved morale system.

    One thing however that hasn't changed over the years is the challenge of getting the very best out of the players at your club, that's where the top managers separate themselves from the rest.

    It's with that in mind that we developed our 'Unity' system which brings a whole new dimension to preparing for matches. To achieve maximum 'Unity', the manager will need to integrate new signings, cope with injuries and suspensions and give players time to adapt to new positions, formations and styles of play.

    The 'Unity' system is not the only new feature in Premier Manager 2012, far from it. Our unique RPG-style 'levelling up' of characters with XP points has been improved and expanded to the user so that manager performance is more accurately tracked and can be compared on our online leader-boards.

    A brand new memory system has been implemented to allow players and staff to remember your good and bad decisions in our new real time graphics based negotiation system.

    Despite the vast amount of visual and logical enhancements, the game remains true to its historical roots, easy to navigate and play. The already huge database has been increased in size to include even more players and clubs, all updated after the summer transfer window.

    All the leagues from England, Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Scotland are supported along with the top European Competitions.

    [imglink=|Urbanscan Reveals Premier Manager 2012 Hits PSN November 9th][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Urbanscan Reveals Premier Manager 2012 Hits PSN November 9th][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Urbanscan Reveals Premier Manager 2012 Hits PSN November 9th][/imglink]
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    I wasn't really a big fan of being a manager of a soccer team until I played Fifa 11's Manager mode, it was quite fun. Especially buying players like Messi to play on your team.

    I haven't tried any PM games yet but I'll give this game a shot on my PC, I don't really see a point in getting it on my PS3.

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