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    Stick Out Tongue Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom PS3 & PSP DevHook v0.51 released!

    Update: We had a chance to experiment with a Blu-ray Burner a bit tonight, and here are the results thus far with PS3 Blu-ray game and movie images: A Blu-ray PS3 movie image burned to BD-RE will show up normally in a PC via Blu-ray drive, however, in the PS3 console it shows the following error: "This is an invalid disc." (80029941)

    In contrast, a Blu-ray PS3 game image burned to BD-RE will appear as a "Data Disc" versus a Game Disc in a PS3 console so the game burns cannot even attempt to be launched at this point, however, you can view the PNG files on them in the PS3. One theory (again, nothing concrete just yet) is that there is a layer of security on the disc... in order to examine this theory further the first 50MB of each disc will need to be dumped and compared. More to come as time permits of course!

    In other PS3 news today, Radiskull has set-up a Resistance: Fall Of Man on-line "PS3NEWS Clan" which you can join and discuss further in his Resistance: FOM (PS3NEWS CLAN) thread located in our PS3 Chat Forum. Have fun, and kick some virtual butt guys!

    Finally, we have reorganized our section (located in the Main Menu at the left and on the bottom of every page here) and if you are reading this, run a PS3 Web site or blog, and would like to trade traffic for FREE with then simply Contact Us to swap links today!
    The GODS @ Paradox have done it again, and released Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (USA) for PS3 today! The size is 8.27GB (8,880,652,288 bytes) for those interested, and here are the FileList.txt and NFO File as well! To quote from the NFO file:
    | tINY nOTE: |
    | ---------- |
    | maybe for the few smart peoples who like digging into game |
    | images, ever wondered what is on sector offset: 840 till A00 |
    | from a PS3 BLU-RAY disc? A tiny hint it's the nice graphical |
    | almost as famous like us :-) The cool fast showing PlayStation 3 |
    | logo |
    | |
    | |
    | nOTE tO SCEI |
    | ------------ |
    | The security it's tight but is it tight enough? We GoD a feeling |
    | it is not. But who are we to say that? :-P :-D :-X |
    | Remember don't use open source code they can bring luck to |
    | the guys who don't have a big wallet and being a unlucky part |
    | for the guys who have a big wallet |
    In PSP news on this Monday morning, Booster has now added full 3.0x support (currently up to 3.01) to DevHook and fixed the XMB menu (now you can change the speed, etc)! Those interested can grab both PSP Device Hook Sample Launcher v0.51 and the PSP Device Hook Sample Launcher v0.51 SDK, and please use our PlayStation Portable Chat for related discussion.

    Here are some PSP file releases today: USB Mod v2 For SEC For PSP, HTML Plug-In For iR Shell v2.71 For PSP, DevHook v0.50 Web Browser And WMA + Flash Support Patch For PSP, DevHook v0.51 Folder 51 Mod For PSP, and Ace Combat: Skies Of Deception 374MB PSP RipKit.
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