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    vingadorjr Guest

    Unreal Tournament 3 PS3 Titan DLC and Patch Delayed

    Bad news from the Unreal Tournament III front. Epic Games has announced that the Titan DLC and patch for the game's PS3 version won't be going live tomorrow as planned.

    Here's the announcement post from Epic's Steve Polge on the Epic Games forums (linked above):

    Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of our control, the certification process for the PS3 patch and DLC has taken much longer than we expected. As a result, we have been forced to push back the release date for the PS3 version to 3/19.

    The Titan DLC (which is supposed to be free, by the way) will add 16 new environments and three bonus pack maps to UT3 along with a host of other features like PS3 Trophy support and split-screen support. It also includes a Titan mutator that lets players turn into 15-foot Titans and 30-foot Behemoths.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Botanicus Guest

    Smile Hah

    Release date for the PS3 version to 3/19/2010 ? delay...

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    The 69th Floor Guest


    I did not know that this game was being patched for trophies! I guess I'll put it in my PS3 again very soon!

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    xxhockey225xx Guest
    damn i was semi interested in this patch.. guess il have to keep on playin kz2

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    tuomi Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by xxhockey225xx View Post
    damn i was semi interested in this patch.. guess il have to keep on playin kz2

    The patch has come, alltho the content is delayed!

    To clarify: When you start the game it tells you that update 2.0 is available for download.

    This will provide you with the splitscreen functionality and modbrowser etc. edit: yeah and the trophies ofc!

    The titan content is lacking though maps, mutators etc.

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    naythan Guest
    Hopefully gonna pick this game up now, been considering it for a while but i was put off after hearing about the lack of players - hopefully this patch and update will solve that problem

    Good to see games such as this being updated through DLC, lets hope they keep it up

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    steven789 Guest

    why ???

    Why does dlc alsways has to be delayed once before they release it. ut isnt the first example

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