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    Unreal Tournament 3

    [IMGW][/IMGW] By Mike Nelson 01/26/2007 VIDEO: Head over to our videos page to check out Unreal Tournament 3 videos.

    You've all heard the big news: Unreal Tournament 2007 will now be known as Unreal Tournament 3. And it's finally been confirmed for Xbox 360 in addition to PC and PS3. At the moment, Epic is working on the finishing touches of a balanced multiplayer component and a single-player campaign from Gears of War author Susan O'Connor, with the game set to ship in the second half of 2007.

    At a Midway press event yesterday, Epic demoed a map called Corruption, which takes place outdoors and features a Chinese temple which overlooks the ocean from the cliffside. And yes, there is more than enough room for eight to play some good ol' capture the flag. The map provides those on foot -- players not lucky enough to grab a vehicle -- with secret passageways and trails that lead into the enemy base, which aren't accessible by vehicles...

    ...but those vehicles look so awesome! So for the majority of our time with the game, we ceased our cliff running antics and decided to find the nearest spawned vehicle and take the wheel, so to speak. Of the vehicles shown (the Goliath Tank returns), the Dark Walker was our preferred mode of transportation.

    SCREENS: The entirety of our experience was using the tech from the Nexus Black Legion, who we assume to be the enemy alien race you fight off in the single-player campaign. Click the image above to check out all Unreal Tournament 3 screens.

    Resembling something out of War of the Worlds, the Dark Walker is essentially a walking tank that can traverse any terrain on the level. Although it is slow to move, it is capable of seating two players -- one to pilot and one to operate the turret underneath the body carriage. Our supreme moment of joy came when we were able to get high enough to simply guard our base from any and all intruders, firing down a rain of energy lasers, turning soldiers into piles of clay. And although we were a powerful alien-tank for a few minutes, we were quick to relearn that with the right weapon up your pipe, your day can end rather quickly. And it did. And so it goes.

    A major overhaul in terms of gameplay comes with the return to Unreal Tournament 1-style controls. This puts a limit on how high and fast your characters can move across the map, putting more emphasis on being a good shot than a lucky one. We still had our jumping-rocket-shooters on the Corruption level while we played, but it was not nearly as effective a technique as in previous versions.

    Although the one key component that will be rounding out this year's version will be the single-player campaign, we're just going to have to wait until we get personal with it later this year to see if it's as big a deal as many would hope.

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    PS3 Square Button Unreal tournament 3 clan, anyone interested?

    I realize this is a fair few months premature, but is anyone interested?

    In light of recent news I thought it may be a cool idea. Just reply if you're interested!

    "Epic Games’ Mark Rein just announced at the Midway conference that mods for the PC version of Unreal Tournament 3 will be able to “come over” to the PS3. By the way, when Sony said Unreal Tournament 3 was PS3 exclusive, they meant console-wise. The PC version will ship this November along with the PS3 version

    “We think it will enhance the console gaming experience in a way no one has ever seen before.”

    Since modifying games was made both easy and popular by the Unreal series, this could have enormous potential. As of now, we’re unsure whether this will affect the Xbox 360. We’ll be sure to keep you posted."

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    UT 3 will be exclusive for a short time before going to the 360 (I believe correct me if I am wrong) which is good for Sony that and they do have excluvie rights to the Unreal 3 engine which looks awsome. as far as the clan I'll be willing to join as I will be picking up the game the day it releases!

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