[IMGW]http://www.1up.com/media?id=2599128[/IMGW]Epic Games has been rather quiet on the status of Unreal Tournament 2007 as Gears of War continues to bathe in the limelight, but the gloves are coming off their online shooter -- and it's undergoing a name change, too. Midway and Epic announced at a press event this afternoon that Unreal Tournament 2007 has officially been changed to Unreal Tournament 3.

Most fans regard Unreal Tournament 2004 as an extension of Unreal Tournament 2003, so even though it's actually the fourth entry in the series, it makes sense as the third "real" game.

Plus, the companies finally confirmed what we've all known for months: it's coming to Xbox 360, too. The Unreal Tournament 2007 demonstration at E3 a few years back, combined with continued denials from all parties involved, lead to speculation that it would only end up on PS3 and PC, but obviously that's not the case anymore. Thank you.

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