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    Apr 2005

    Uncharted Drake demo locked for U.S only; runs at 1080p

    According to reports from NeoGAF, the demo for Uncharted Drake's Fortune may be locked for U.S Only.

    Other areas are receiving blank screens and insert disc messages. Anyone else had problems with the demo?

    Users have also reported that the demo runs at 1080p.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Nanobr3ker Guest
    i have a friend comfirmed that the demo doesn't work on his PAL machine

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    Apr 2005
    Thanks for the confirmation!

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    B4tm4n Guest
    It goes to a black screen and seems to lock up but you can quit the game with the ps button on the controller. Its then seems to reboot, well you end up at the log in screen.

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    ana3zoz Guest
    i'll give it try on my jap machine

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    badermq Guest
    Dosn't work on my ASIAN PS3 , can we hex edit the pak file ?

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    Duff Man Guest
    AUS PS3 - with US fw 2.0 and US account - still a no go...

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    Duff Man Guest
    people are furious - even the producers blog on the playstation forum is being filled with hate comments... this could be the start of something really really bad for the ps3....

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    Darkromeobhv Guest
    Damn, i have a EU Pal Console. It comes an Error "Please insert a Disc"

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    ana3zoz Guest
    edit: error comes "Please insert a Disc"

    even i tried to put motorStorm disc no error but black screen !!!

    can anyone try to but a disc and play it on 1080p and see what happen ?

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