It's not often that we can jump up for joy, and say that we were right about something, but today, Amy Henning has confirmed our initial report regarding the Uncharted Demo on the Official Playstation blog. If you remember our previous story from last week, we unearthed a statement from Evan Wells, the co-president of Naughty Dog, stating that the demo for their upcoming game will probably hit PSN twelve days before the release of the game. We stood behind that report stating...

"As far as we are concerned, an Uncharted demo will be out 12 days before the American in about 2 weeks! We can't wait to get on down with Nathan Drake (uh, perhaps the wrong choice of words) on November 8th (at least on the US Playstation Store). Exciting stuff aye?"

Amy Henning, Gaming Director at Naughty Dog, replied to a poster on the Official Playstation blog stating the official release date of the demo...

"Hi Kittonwy -- the demo will go live on the PSN next Thursday, November 8th."

Well, as it turns out, the date we stated, wasn't just close, it was right on the money! The Uncharted demo will grace your Playstation 3 on November 8th.

In terms of details, all we know about the demo at this point, is that it will start with Drake and Elena parachuting out of their plane onto an island. IGN believes that the demo will include the first four levels, but we here at Ripten find that highly unlikely.

A preview build given to journalists included the first four chapters, but since the game has 20 chapters in total, including four of them in the demo might be a bit of a stretch, especially when the game weighs in at 25gb of Blu-ray goodness.

So rejoice, in fact double rejoice, because the game will be released a day early in the US (November 19th), as stated in this recent blog post, which also features a nifty new trailer. As the release date approaches, remember to check back with us for our review of the game as well -- till then, enjoy the demo.

Uncharted Demo Confirmed For Next Thursday, US Release Date Bumped Up

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