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    Post The Ultimate PS3 Games List!

    Check out this huge list of 160 PS3 titles that are in the works, out of the 160 on show a reported 95 are exclusive to the console - impressive!

    PS3 Games List:

    2K Games/Take-Two/Rockstar
    College Hoops 2K7 ~Visual Concepts, TBA~
    The Darkness ~Starbreeze, 2007~
    Grand Theft Auto 4 ~Rockstar North, Q4 2007~
    NHL 2K7 ~Visual Concepts, TBA~
    NBA 2K7 ~Visual Concepts, TBA~
    Red Dead Revolver 2 ~Rockstar North, TBA~

    Call of Duty 3 ~Infinity Ward, Launch~
    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance ~Raven, Launch~
    Spider-Man 3 ~Treyarch, Q2 2007~
    Tony Hawk's Project 8 ~Neversoft, Launch~

    Alone in the Dark 5 ~Eden Studios, TBA~

    Shin Megami Tensei 4 ~Atlus R&D1, TBA~

    Beuna Vista
    Turok ~Propaganda, TBA~

    Devil May Cry 4 ~Capcom Studio 1, Q4 2007~
    Monster Hunter 3 ~Capcom Studio 1, 2008~
    Resident Evil 5 ~Capcom Studio 4, Q4 2007~
    Untitled ~Action~ ~TBD, TBA~

    DIRT: Colin McRae Off-Road ~In-house, 2007~

    D3 Publisher
    Dark Sector ~Digital Extremes, TBA~

    Untitled ~Action~ ~TBD, TBA~

    Electronic Arts
    Army of Two ~EA Montreal, TBA~
    Battlefield: Bad Company ~DICE, 2007~
    Def Jam 3 ~EA Chicago, 2007~
    Fight Night Round 3 ~EA Chicago, Q4 2006~
    Half Life 2: Complete Pack ~Valve/EA, Q1 2007~
    Lord of the Rings: The White Council ~EA Redwood Shores, Q4 2007~
    Madden NFL 07 ~Tiburon, Q4 2006~
    Medal of Honor: Airborne ~EALA, 2007~
    NBA Live 07 ~EA Canada, Q4 2006~
    NBA Street Vol. 4 ~EA Canada, 2007~
    Need for Speed: Carbon ~EA Black Box, Q4 2006~
    Skate ~EA Black Box, 2007~
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 ~EA Redwood Shores, Q4 2006~

    Blade Storm: Hundred Years War ~Omega Force, 2007~
    Fatal Inertia ~Koei Canada, Q4 2006~
    Mahjong Tournament ~In-house, Q4 2006~

    Bomberman ~Hudson, TBA~
    Coded Arms: Assault ~KCET, 2007~
    Gradius VI ~TBD, TBA~
    Hellboy ~Krome Studios, TBA~
    Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball ~KCET, 2007~
    Mahjong Fight Club ~TBD, Launch~
    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots ~Kojima Productions, Q4 2007~
    Rengoku: The End of the Century ~Hudson, TBA~
    Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 ~KCET, Q2 2007~
    Untitled ~RPG~ ~TBD, TBA~
    Untitled ~RPG~ ~Hudson, TBA~

    Indiana Jones 2007 ~In-house, 2007~

    Stranglehold ~Midway Studios Chicago, Q1 2007~
    Unreal Tournament 2007 ~Epic, 2007~
    The Wheelman ~Tigon, TBA~

    Namco Bandai
    Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire ~BEC, Launch~
    Ridge Racer 7 ~In-house, Launch~
    Tekken 6 ~In-house, 2007~
    Untitled ~Anime Project~ ~TBD, TBA~
    Untitled ~Mech Action~ ~TBD, TBA~
    Untitled ~RPG~ ~TBD, TBA~
    Untitled ~Shooter~ ~TBD, TBA~
    Untitled ~Sports~ ~TBD, TBA~

    Nippon Ichi Software
    Makai Wars ~In-house, TBA~

    Sega Sammy
    Armored Core 4 ~From Software, Q2 2007~
    The Club ~Bizarre Creations, TBA~
    Fifth Phantom Saga ~Sonic Team, TBA~
    Full Auto 2: Battlelines ~Pseudo, Q4 2006~
    Golden Axe ~Secret Level, TBA~
    Guilty Gear BB ~Arc System Works, TBA~
    Miyazato Sega Golf Club ~TBD, Launch~
    Sega Rally Revo ~Sega Racing Studio, TBA~
    Sonic the Hedgehog ~Sonic Team, Q4 2006~
    Virtua Fighter 5 ~AM2, Q1 2007~
    Virtua Tennis 3 ~AM2, Q1 2007~
    World Snooker Championship 2007 ~Blade Interactive, TBA~
    Untitled ~RPG~ ~Obsidian, TBA~

    Sony Computer Entertainment
    Afrika ~Rhino Studios, 2007~
    Angel Rings ~Japan Studio, TBA~
    Ape Escape 4 ~Japan Studio, TBA~
    Eight Days ~London Studio, TBA~
    The Eye of Judgment ~Japan Studio, Q1 2007~
    flOw ~TGC/SCE Santa Monica, TBA~ (PNP Download)
    Formula One 06 ~Studio Liverpool, Dec. 2006~
    Genji: Days of the Blade ~Game Republic, Launch~
    Getaway ~Team Soho, TBA~
    Gran Turismo 5 ~Polyphony Digital, 2008~
    Gran Turismo: HD ~Polyphony Digital, TBA~
    Heavenly Sword ~Ninja Theory, Q1 2007~
    Hot Shots Golf 5 ~Clap Hanz, Q3 2007~
    Killzone ~Guerrilla, 2008~
    L.A Noire ~Team Bondi, TBA~
    Lair ~Factor 5, Q2 2007~
    Monster Kingdom: Unknown Realms ~Game Republic, 2007~
    Motorstorm ~Evolution, Q4 2006~
    My Summer Vacation 3 ~Japan Studio, Q3 2007~
    Ratchet & Clank: Next ~Insomniac, TBA~
    Resistence: Fall of Man ~Insomniac, Launch~
    SingStar ~London Studio, Q4 2006~
    Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom ~SOE, Q4 2006~
    Warhawk ~Incognito, Q3 2007~
    White Knight Story ~Level 5, Q4 2007~
    Untitled ~Action~ ~Media Molecule, TBA~
    Untitled ~Adventure~ ~Naughty Dog, 2007~

    SouthPeak Interactive
    Monster Madness ~Artificial, Q1 2007~

    Square Enix
    Densha de GO! Online ~Taito, TBA~
    Extreme ~Taito, TBA~
    Final Fantasy XIII ~PDD1, 2007~
    Final Fantasy Versus XIII ~PDD1, 2008~
    Project Psychic ~Taito, TBA~
    Railfan ~Taito/Ongakukan, TBA~
    Untitled ~MMORPG~ ~PDD3, TBA~

    Frontlines: Fuel of War ~Kaos, TBA~
    Stuntman 2 ~Paradigm, TBA~

    Ninja Gaiden: Sigma ~Team Ninja, 2007~
    Untitled ~Action-Adventure~ ~TBD, TBA~

    Assassin's Creed ~Ubisoft Montreal, Q1 2007~
    Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII ~Ubisoft Romania, Q4 2006~
    Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway ~Gearbox, 2007~
    Driver 5 ~Reflections, TBA~
    Haze ~Free Radical, TBA~
    Rayman Raving Rabbids ~Studio ANCEL, TBA~
    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas ~Ubisoft Montreal, Q4 2006~

    F.E.A.R ~Day 1/Monolith, Q4 2006~
    Heat ~Gearbox, TBA~

    Dirty Harry ~The Collective, TBA~

    Misc. (No publisher)
    2 Days to Vegas ~Steel Monkey, TBA~
    Beowulf ~4HEAD Studios, TBA~
    Heavy Rain ~Quantic Dream, 2008~
    Infraworld ~Quantic Dream, TBA~
    Interstellar Marines ~Zero Point, TBA~
    Kurayami ~Grasshopper, TBA~
    Mercenaries 2: World of Flames ~Pandemic, TBA~
    Omikron KARMA ~Quantic Dream, TBA~
    The Outsider ~Frontier, TBA~
    Possession ~Blitz Games, TBA~
    Redwood Falls ~Kuju, TBA~
    WarDevil: Enigma ~Digi-Guys, TBA~
    X Quest ~Spectrum MediaWrks, TBA~

    Japan Only (No US/EU publisher)

    Aquanote no Kyujitsu: Inner Mind Adventure ~TBA~
    Untitled ~Simulation~ ~TBA~

    AQ Interactive
    Vampire's Rain ~Artoon, 2007~
    Untitled ~Action RPG~ ~cavia, TBA~

    Super Robot Taisen ~TBA~

    Derby Stallion ~TBA~

    From Software
    Enchant Arm ~Q4 2006~

    Wangan Midnight ~Q2 2007~
    Untitled ~Samurai Fighting~ ~TBA~

    Untitled ~RPG~ ~TBA~

    Untitled ~Simulation~ ~TBA~

    Idea Factory
    Shinten Makai VI ~TBA~

    Untitled ~Love Adventure~ ~TBA~

    Irem Software
    Untitled ~Action-Adventure~ ~TBA~

    Marvelous Interactive
    Mahjong Oh ~Warashi, TBA~
    Untitled ~Action~ ~TBA~

    Project D ~TBA~

    Sengoku 23KU ~Acquire, TBA~
    Way of the Samurai 3 ~Acquire, TBA~

    Hitsuji Mura ~TBA~
    Untitled ~RPG~ ~TBA~

    Sunrise Interactive
    Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula ~TBA~
    Sunrise Eiyuutan ~TBA~

    AKARI Project ~TBA~
    MASTER Project ~TBA~

    PS3 Launch Lineup - NA (Nov. 17)

    Call of Duty 3
    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
    Resistence: Fall of Man
    Tony Hawk's Project 8

    PS3 Launch Lineup - Japan (Nov. 11)
    Genji: Days of the Blade
    Mahjong Fight Club
    Miyazato Sega Golf Club
    Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire
    Resistence: Fall of Man
    Ridge Racer 7

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    No offense but I don't see any games to my liking i'm gonna wait probably a 1/2 yr to 1yr before I even consider buying one...

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    The launch games are looking just like last years 360 launch with Activision supporting all the way.

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    If those 4 titles are all that make it to launch then I will for 100% sure be ebaying off my PS3 (if im lucky enough to have the chance to buy one, with the limited availability).

    Ill buy the premium for $635 after taxes and put it on ebay for $2,000 Buy It Now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WOWchamp View Post
    If those 4 titles are all that make it to launch then I will for 100% sure be ebaying off my PS3 (if im lucky enough to have the chance to buy one, with the limited availability).

    Ill buy the premium for $635 after taxes and put it on ebay for $2,000 Buy It Now.
    Thats a very smart investment. In my opinion, no system is worth buying at launch. Even though the PS3 has a blu-ray player, its not like thats leaps and bounds over DVD. The main thing is that the launch titles will be merely polished up PS2 games.

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    actually, gta4 is going to be one both 360 and ps3, just 360 will have downloadable content

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    OOOoooo, A new fatal frame!

    Not that i really need another one since i haven't beaten the third one but i bet this one is gonna be super scary!

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    Eh, the PS3 doesn't impress me much. The only games that look good so far are Resistance: Fall of Man, GTA4, and Call of Duty 3. But to me that's not worth 600 dollars. I'll wait a year or two.

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    GTA 4 is the only reason I'll even consider a PS3 (well at least within the first year of launch - so that's like from March 2007 to March 2008) - but if it is coming to the 360 then I'll have no reason to worry about the PS3 just yet!

    I always thought that Sony would have opted for exclusive rights for GTA4 for the first six/twelve months like they have with the previous versions?

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    I'll wait for next year to make up my mind; if it's PS3 or 360, depends more on the system that I can mod easier.

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