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    nokia6600 Guest

    UK User Accepted for PS3 Home Japan!

    I have received a confirmation e-mail from PlayStation Japan that I have been accepted for PS3 Home.

    I am from the U.K. and had registered for a Japanese Network account and got the theme from the store.

    So yes, it works!

    Here is a link to where you can download the theme, but the deadline has passed now:

    PS3 Home BETA Entry Theme and New Video Available

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Apr 2005

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    Thanks for the confirmation nokia6600... at least we know it's possible now for those who did get the theme in time.

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    AhmadkaX2 Guest
    I had a look at the snapshot of the email this dude has received... From what I can tell, this email is NOT confirming your entry into the Japan Closed BETA ! Why I am saying this ?? Because I have an email exactly like the one in the picture as well, which I got right after signing up with PSN Japan ....

    The email is simply confirming you as a user on the PSN Network. Nothing related to Home, let alone an invitation to it .. Notice that it does not say Home anywhere in the picture.

    I can offer a snapshot of the email I am talking about tomorrow, if anyone is interested .. and I can also offer its English translation.

    Besides, have a look at this webpage: http://www.jp.playstation.com/ps3/ho...ws080731a.html

    If your translate it, it clearly states at the bottom of the page, that the lucky applications will be informed through mail, by the end of August .. not as early as 7th August, as shown in the email

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    Apr 2005


    Wow... +Rep for you AhmadkaX2. I myself didn't notice it, but I agree the DATE alone doesn't seem to jive (although I can't read Japanese for the rest).

    Do you have any comment on this nokia6600?

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    onelargeprawn Guest

    Well apparently a South African user has been accepted for Home Beta. He posted a screenshot of the mail he got:

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