Today SCEE's EU Marketing and Programming Senior Manager Olga Puzanova has posted the UK PlayStation video store update for January 18, 2010.

To quote: Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Did anyone else stay up all night watching the Golden Globes like I did?

Am so glad that The Hangover won for the best comedy, it's seriously the funniest film I've seen in a while and if you haven't seen it yet or would like to see it again, check out the new unrated version we just uploaded in the video store.

Ok time for more caffeine for me and what's new at the video store this week for you. Keep the comments coming! Speak soon

New To Rent:

- The Last House on the Left
- The Hangover (Unrated)
- The Proposal
- Fireball

New To Buy:

- The Burrowers
- The Hangover (Unrated)
- Dance Flick
- Fireball
- Imagine That
- The Punisher

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