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    UK Playstation store: Things will be different


    Ive just logged in and found a few new video's for download. One of which is some kind of GTA IV video named, things will be different.. I figured it would be the same preview that was released a few weeks back, but oh no.. its 7360 megs, over 7 gig video!!! Its 720p, but 7 gigs! Surely this must be the largest video yet on ps3?

    Anyone had any experience downloading movies to the x360? - we dont have the option here in the uk, but i doubt they are this big are they?

    Anyhow - my 1 meg broadband isnt ready for a 7gig download, especially not via the ps3 anyway. - Anyone care to enlighten us what this video shows?

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    I don't see the file being that Big.

    I just logged into my UK account and the GT4 720p download is 41MB. On my US account it's 92MB.

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    Could it be that you have 7GB free on your 20GB HDD? Mine is 41MB's from the UK store.

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    I think there was a problem when it was released, as when I tried to grab it last night it kept saying "There is an error with the download" sure enough this morning its 41MB.

    I think Sony messed up, thats all.

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