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    UK firm claims you can play PC games on PS3

    A UK-based company called StreamMyGame.com makes software that is able to convert your PC game into an IP game stream which can be shared over the Web and played remotely on a range of devices.

    They say it turns PC games into an IP "game stream", which they claim: "enables users to post hypertext links to their games on the site, which can then be played remotely by other visitors to site who click on the links." Right now it only works with PC games running remotely through XP or Vista. The company says they will release a "a Linux version in Q4 2007 which will enable PC games to be played on the PlayStation 3."

    To quote from the article: "We are embarking on a new paradigm in the gaming industry fuelled by advances in computer hardware, network speeds and the want of gamers to have more freedom," said Richard Faria CEO of StreamMyGame. "We network the power of their main PC so it can be used to play high end games on other PCs and laptops around the home. I believe the demand for high resolutions will drive the sales of high end PC hardware".

    "We will release a Linux version in Q4 2007 which will enable PC games to be played on the PlayStation 3 and many other devices including DVD players, set top boxes, networked media devices and mobile phones," he said.

    StreamMyGame also offers its members the ability to record and broadcast gameplay and includes a free MP4 video player. "An easy solution to record your gameplay and upload it to the web has been demanded by gamers and StreamMyGame delivers that. Our YouTube ready MP4 format keeps file sizes low," said Joanna Softly, marketing manager of the company , "and broadcasting games at LAN parties so everyone can watch the final from the comfort of their own PC makes so much more sense than crowding around one monitor."

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    VendeTTaa Guest
    hmmm, so all your really doing is playing a pc game across a network. It doesnt really seem as great as how they make it out to be. The only real advantage is being able to play on a big screen if you have one, nothing more.

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