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    Big Grin UDF 2.5 Support on YDL 5 for PS3

    Great News! I just got UDF 2.5 support to work on my PS3, here is quick couple of screen captures. I'm going to reproduce what I did and create another guide hopefully but the end of the night. (Screen capture aided)

    Soon after I will combine it with the install VLC guide posted by another user, and combine it with my "Comprehensive Guide: Blu-ray back-up and Decryption via PS3"; This makes the entire process do-able on the PS3 alone. (HD-DVD's here I come)

    I'm not posting the guide until I know its reproducable. The file will be zipped and located here the guide is produced.

    If you are using an updated kernel (> 2.6.16, Trust me you would know) other than the one that came with YDL attempt this at your own risk. Currently I should be able to compress the files down to about 75 MB. PS3News how is that? ALSO I am going to add support for NTFS writing, and don't forget to back up anything important on the PS3 Linux just in case.
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    Screen_1.jpg   Screen_2.jpg   Screen_3.jpg   Screen_4.jpg   Screen_5.jpg  

    Screen_6.jpg   Screen_7.jpg  

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    This is cool news... I think CJPC will also be interested in it too! As for the size, 75MB is a bit on the hefty size, but if it pans out then we may be able to host it here split into 2 archives (name.r01 and name.r02 compressed at best, for example).

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    Nice Job... AGAIN!!! You are really plowing forward! Glad to have you in the community - Thanks!

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    Starting the guide now, expect in an hour or so, o and the reason its going to be big is because the process of finding the correct kernel, then patching it, making the kernel, and making the modules, are all tasks I don't want the newbs to have to do, plus it takes time (sorry about the nerd talk above)

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    Alright can someone please volunteer to be my guinee pig? I need to test some other method that leaves all the work out but gets the job done.

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    For something like that I think your best bet is iRC Chat actually... usually there are 100+ users on and bored, seeking to experiment and so on. Hopefully someone will reply here though as well.

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    The kinks are almost worked out, will have the instructions in 50 minutes or so. (I never got a guinea but it's okay now that the file size is less.) The process should be thoughtless, but it is not complicated. You will have to go through all the kernel building steps, with me as the guide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaan2 View Post
    So with this new guide we can watch bluray and hddvd without a disc and without PC?
    With the new guide(s) BluRay on the PS3 without the disk, will be possible without the PC.
    There is no guarentee as of yet that the HD-DVD drive will work, nor play through the PS3 through any kind of player.

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