In what seems to be a kind of Grand Theft Auto brought to life, two teens were kidnapped in Baltimore by four people who were searching for information regarding a stolen PlayStation 3 console and a missing PS3 game.

The entire story and especially the details are not fully known at the moment, since the two teens are still in hospital and three of the kidnappers have not been caught yet by the police forces.

Officer Troy Harris, the Baltimore police spokesman, said that the two kids, aged 16, were kidnapped from a bus stop, held captive in a car for several hours, beaten and asked about a PlayStation 3 and PS3 game the teens say they knew nothing about.

The kids were released from the car after the kidnappers gave them new clothes and $20 to pay for the ride to a hospital (which seems, let's face it, rather strange).

"They were beaten, cut and burned, and the suspects kept asking about a PS game, which the victims said they knew nothing about," officer Harris said.

One of the four suspects is already in custody, being held without bail and waiting for trial on the 3rd of June. No less than 31 charges against him have been made, including kidnapping, sodomy and use of dangerous weapons. There is no information regarding the location or the identity of his three partners, but it appears that at least two of them were armed.

As you can see, at the moment, there are not enough details regarding the PS3 game the kidnappers were looking for (I'm sure Jack Thompson would love to know the name and he's probably praying already to be GTA IV) or if the teens knew Christopher Johnson - the only person apprehended by the police. We'll keep you updated on the matter.

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