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    Quote Originally Posted by LuisMan006 View Post
    i bought a ps3 from ebay and it came with demonstration mode and i put the code and everything but it still dosen't let me go to the playstation store or playstation home and i also lost some settings and i have no idea what to do
    A search would have helped, but see here:

    Basically you are SOL... you can't with Demo consoles, locked or unlocked they are restricted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnarlyskull View Post
    The 3.15 unlock code is 5081, same as version 3.10.

    I tried 5081 on a demo PS3 at Best Buy, firmware 3.15, and it didn't work, so just an FYI.

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    anyone have the 3.21 unlock code yet?

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    i'll try 0-999

    other people pls help!

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    for what are this codes good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by infernoassassin View Post
    for what are this codes good?
    for unlocking your demo console.. you'll know if its in demo mode.

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    i'm a total noob so sorry if this is stupid. i bought a ps3 today, did the code its all gravy.

    i'm fine with not accessing the store and all that but if i go buy the newest version of little big planet will it play in my system?

    (i heard if you're in demo mode you cant play games past the year of that demo) and can i play blu ray movies as well?

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    who did you hear that bit from? i have a launch demo console and i play COD MW2 which is a lot newer. so yes LBP is fine for you. got the 3.21 code? movies are okay too

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    I need the 3.21 unlock code as well. Would greatly appreciate if someone who knows what it is posts it here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEskimo View Post
    i'll try 0-999

    other people pls help!
    Did you do 0-999? I'll do 1000-2000

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