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    Senior Member JeoWay's Avatar
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    Simply search here for the Kiosk Reverter and install it via Recovery. If you installed the original 4.46 kiosk from recovery, beware of bluescreen

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    thanks a lot!!! i did this and it works thank you!!! now is there any way to hack my ps3 with the 4.46 ofw or i just have to wait???

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    Wait for what? if model of your console is top secret you can wait 4ever m8 ,why ppl don't give proper info and wait for reply.

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    if i have 4.46 demonstration mode, can i install a 4.46 cfw from recovery mode or only the reverter works??

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    Hey Vegita i just updated to 4.50 today. You got a new code for us? There's no one released yet.

    Thanks a lot

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    New code for 4.50 is (maybe) 6258.

    I have been doing some intensive research on PS3 firmwares and have extracted all known codes, and it appears the codes are currently repeating.

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    Zarod your my hero! 6258 is 100% Working for 4.50 !

    Big Thanks to Zarod

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    Glad I could help!

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    Why would you install a Kiosk firmware at all anyhow...?

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    Question how to get out the 4.50 demonstation mode

    hi guys, i need your help im stuck on 4.50 demo mode.

    tried at least 4-5 ways to get out from it. can some one help me.



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