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    Maybe swapping out the HDD or updating the firmware will work. If you can that is.

    If you can't then i have no idea


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    Unlock demo codes

    hey this was discussed recently... here are the button sequences that were mentioned in them...

    In security settings press and hold select + square + L1 and L2 ant then if its ask for a code insert 5202... This works on FW 1.5 PS3 consoles or... L1 + R1 + SELECT + SQUARE

    For PAL that have a 1.50 Demo Unit PS3: Hold L1, R1, and select simultaneously when the security settings icon is selected in the XMB. Then it'll ask for you to input a code. In this case it's 8-6-0-4, This will unlock it from demonstration mode.

    I havent tried these... partly cuz I'm lazy.

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    PS3 Demo Unit Unlock Codes

    1.9 - 2737
    2.0 - 0219
    2.1 - 2464
    2.2 - 4801
    2.3 - 6558

    i am a employee of gamestop so i have access to these codes


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    Nice feiticeira, I will add those to the first post as well.

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    we get disks sent to us.. they also send a updated sheet with the unlock codes on it, so ill keep that list updated now that im a manager..

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    That would be sweet! And very much appreciated too.. +Rep!

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    thats what us gamestop emloyees are here for.. to help this community!! i just got promoted to third key a week ago.. im gonna snag the blu-ray disk they sent us and ill see if i can rip it

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    are there any possibilities to backup that demo machine, and then restore that backup data to another machine ?


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    Considering this hasn't been done with retail or debug PS3 consoles yet... not at this time. The PS3 Devs are working on doing this with a PS3 TEST/Debug console though, as the benefits would far outweigh doing it with a Demo PS3.

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    I've been trying to keep up with all the lil tricks the demo units can do. So far the biggest thing I have seen that stays enabled after demo mode is turned on again is the media server streaming. It can still connect to it.

    Also few other lil things. Trying to see what workarounds could get some package files to install. Atm we dumped the videos, uploaded whole new ones that were better, then got rid of the demos that EVERYONE just stays on the system for.. (Anything with the letters NFL, NBA dies...) Cool thing is hooking your PSP and getting remote play working with it. =D Least the web browser works and online gaming.
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