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    Does somebody know the demo unlock code firmware 3.70? I really need it and the story where I bought my ps3 can't give it... so somebody help please!

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    Lightbulb 3.70 fw. unlock code for PS3 demo units

    unlock code is 5138... for whoever needs it.

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    Thanks and +Rep jody29090, I have updated the first post with it now as well.

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    By the way, the code for 4.00 demo firmware is 0219.


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    Thanks gnarleyskull, I have added it to the first post and +Rep!

    These days it may be easier to convert PS3 Demo consoles to Retail using the PS3MFW355 KIOSK2RETAIL PUP file, but unlock codes are always welcomed for the archive!

    Also for 4.10 the code is 2464 for those curious.

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    Turn off Demonstration mode for version 4.21 - 0000

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    PS3 4.30 Demonstration mode

    Hey everyone, I am a noob at this so I hope someone can help. This is my first attempt at doing any kind of hack on the ps3. It was on version 4.30 and I tried to jail break the system. My main goal is to run emulators for some of my old school favorites that are rare now or just way to much money. After I installed the update to do it through the flash drive it now boots into demonstration mode.

    I have located the code 6558 to unlock the security but it always resets when I turn it off. Also I am not able to connect online with it. The online part is not a big deal because this was an extra ps3 that I figured wouldnt be able to connect after I did this anyway but it would be a plus I guess.

    Anytime I try to install packages it keeps giving me this error that it is corrupted. I have tried many different packages but with no luck. I do realize that 4.30 is the newest one but I would still like to figure this out on the packages or to get it to reset to normal if possible. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    ps3 demo consoles, there are store consoles! there is no way to turn demo mode on a retail one!

    and the only way to convert a demo store console to retail is, tho flash the bios with flasher, teensy or progsket!

    or use it with the unlock codes!!

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    This was one I bought retail a couple of years back and it wasnt a demo one. It worked great up until I tried to jailbreak it and only just now has it every said demonstration mode. The unlock code works to let me change the settings or try to install packages but none of them seem to work.

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    See if anyone has any homebrew or emulators signed for 4.30 Kiosk fw your on and try testing them

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