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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashinout9 View Post
    Has anyone figured out the Demo Code for 3.56 or is it still 2297 like 3.5 & 3.55?
    Yeah, v3.56 uses the same code as 3.55, I just used it.

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    Angry demo unlock

    does anyone know the unlock code for the 3.60 update? Since the update the 2297 doesn't work.

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    Yeah, forgot to turn off auto update, so, I'm needing this one now too.

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    the firmware 3.60 code

    The code to unlock demo mode firmware 3.60 is 1739.

    Have fun!!!

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    Thanks dedwaas and +Rep for sharing!

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    I'm confused

    Once you figure out the unlock code u can go into security settings and change the code to whatever you want and it should stay the same no matter the update. I had it all 0's since 3.4 and never had any problems getting in. Now that the 3.6 came out I can't get in, about to try this new code and maybe I can change it again without issues.

    Another confusion is, I did turn off automatic updates so this is very upsetting right now.

    On another subject, anyone figure out how to play sf4 or any other game online? I can do youtube and everything just cant play people online.

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    thank you so very much!!!

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    You can't play online with a demo model. Bretnet you're welcome!!

    But when you need the code can't you call the the shop where you bought your demo console?That is wat i did becauce i needed the code too.
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    3.61 f.w. unlock code for PS3 Demo

    Has anyone gotten the unlock code for the PS3 Demo units for 3.61 firmware?

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    The unlock code for 3.6x firmware is 1739.

    I hope this works for you.

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