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    Registered User danielez's Avatar
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    what does it mean 0000-9800? thats a long way...have you finish all of that codes or what?

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    No No. sorry. I went through 9800 to 9999 I guess is what I meant kinda of around the world so to speak. I wish I would have went through it all then we would be done. I am having my daughters take turns so that I an get through faster and not slow due to boredom.

  3. #153
    ok tomorrow same time i will give you shot about 0000-1000 (good for start )

  4. #154
    Me and rxhack just mentioned what has been done, anything else needs to be done.
    Last edited by Boobtube316; 09-26-2010 at 09:51 PM Reason: something i mentioned was updated b4 i saw it, so i just got rid of it

  5. #155
    i did 4000-4200 still goin it is just so BORING lol and i have a working unit so i'll do the rest tonight.

    btw i'm doing 4000-5000

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    hey guys,

    I'm new to the forums but I have been to this site the last 5 days now... I also need the unlock code. I was trying the other day to force it. But I really don't remember where I left off. I was doing 3000 to? But I can help as well.

  7. #157
    We're hoping that the unlock code will cover the 3.51 unlock code like in previous versions. Would be nice to have the 3D blu-ray support once you've updated it to 3.51.

  8. #158
    I did 0000 - 0400 the other day.. it gets really tiring and it hurts my eyes lol

  9. #159
    I don't think that this is going so well

    I've got a buddy who works at walmart and is close to the manager that works in games, a lady who works on the ps3 will be in on fri so if we don't have the code, maybe she will.
    Last edited by Boobtube316; 09-28-2010 at 08:33 PM Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    3.50 demo codes

    hey boobtube will find just be patient got mods for 360 will be playing.i have done 3000-4000 complete will do 7000-8000 need a break mw2 will help


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