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    6000 - 7000.. i don't think anyones on that bracket. I've still gotta finish 0000 - 1000

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    I think everythings been covered except 7300-8999

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boobtube316 View Post
    I think everythings been covered except 7300-8999
    someones already covered 0000-1000?

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    Maybe not, that was you on pg 12 lol, idk if we're ever gonna find it. 3.51 update is right around the corner too.

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    so what section of numbers left to check ? better if everyone will write down on forum what numbers did you made already.

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    Not 7900's for sure, just did those.

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    Sep 2010

    Arrow did you do these demo codes for ps3 3.50

    1. hoarder 0000-1000
    2. seph-4000-????
    3. boobtube 9900-9999-?and 8000-?
    4. rxhack me-3000-4000 and working on 7000-?

    if you have completed more please post i will sort sorry if i missed anybody

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    I didn't do the 8000's. I did the 0123, 1234, 2345, 3456, 4567, 5678, 6789, 7890, 0987, 9876, 8765, 7654, 6543, 5432, 4321, 3210, 0000, 7900-8000 and 9900-9999. hoard didnt do 0000-1000. We havent heard from seph so I assume they did nothing.

    Also, yahoo told me do 9261 and of course he was full of it.
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    i will start from 0000 to 1000 and give a word next night (or morning) this night. I'm out and what can we do with 3.51 update in future... searching for another code will take time... maybe disable some how auto update ? I'm asking beacouse i have a problem to connect buzz buzzer to ps3 (you know the game buzz) USB ports are going crazy when there is new update FW and no code.. demonstration mode console sucks.

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    Want to help

    before finding this site I did 9800-0000, 3700-4000. but I am willing to do what ever range needs to be done. thanks


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