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    Angry Grrr

    This demo bologne is annoying and I just got mine today. Let me know when you find it, please.

    I did 8000-9999, 0001, 1234, 2345, 3456, 4567, 5678, 6789, 7890, 0987, 9876, 8765, 7654, 6543, 5432, 4321, 3210, 0000-1000.

    No go on any of em.

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    Hey boobtube316, have you tried the every single one of 8000-9999?

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    has anyone found this code yet? please update as soon as you possibly can

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    Sep 2010

    demo codes for ps3 3.50

    still at 3701 3702 and so on and on

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    Yes I did, this is annoying ain't it, what are your updates now?

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    bad part about a demo ps3. all this BS to get it open... anyone tried asking the person you got it from? the demos usually have the codes sent to the original distributer.

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    Sep 2010
    i emailed sony told them had demo units. told them i would like them to unlock it so i will be able to buy the games and play online .no reply so now i will find another way.

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    mine was a 2.71 and it needed an upgrade to create an online account, making it a 3.50, no one has the code for that, no one rxhack, I just got off the phone with sony, they told me I could send it in and for another 180 they'll send a real version. so really they got nothing, no codes nothing but i'll take more of your money lol.
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    Sep 2010
    i did not pay, given to me from old sony rep 2 years ago.. have 360 anyway but thought it'd be cool to play both at home plus got both running again. 160 hard drive in each just don't know how to hack yet, but i will mess with it but want to unlock first then mess them up.

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    so i'm trying random codes along with you guys then i realize my roommate is a manager of gameplus. Sad thing is that he is asleep but i'll ask him for the code when he wakes up. He should have it.

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