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    Quote Originally Posted by tinman4124 View Post
    hi, i got v3.42 and when i go to the system setting and press L1+R1+select+square and nothing pops up i was wondering if anyone can help me?
    you have to go to system then highlight security before you try the l1r1 square select then try 2998 should work.

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    yes, i go to the security setting highlight it and press l1r1 select+square but nothing happens.

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    As of right now, there is no way to do the jailbreak on a demonstration PS3, i have tried myself, but it was on a slim version. can someone else confirm the jailbreak will not work on 3.41 demo ps3? It would be awesome to be able to take it out of demo mode for good. Maybe modify the source code to work on a demo and then maybe somewhere down the line with all the new things coming out, install a cfw or a patched kernel for it.

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    my demo mode 3.50, any codes for this yet? thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by RXMAHN View Post
    my demo mode 3.50, any codes for this yet? thanks
    I need the code for 3.50 also mate.. post here if you manage to find it somehow and i'll do the same

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    figure out the code for 3.50

    Hey Guys, i'm new and i provide from this site yet. I try today the numbers from 8000 to 9999 for firmware 3.50. Anyone with me?

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    i'll do 0000-9999 and see how i get on.. we need more people to help find the code.

    0000 - 1000 sorry

    Let me know how any of you guys get on
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    3.50 demo codes

    I will do the 3000.. Thanks

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    2000 - 3000 ? or 3000 - 4000?

    i got to 200 earlier so i'm going to carry on to 1000 throughout the night.. wish me luck haha.

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    3.50 demo codes

    I'll do 3000 4000 at 3500 and my eyes are numb after will do 7000 8000

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