Sony of Japan has announced today news that TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine Games are coming to PlayStation Network.

Bomberman '94, New Adventure Island (Takahashi Meijin no Shin Boukenjima), Sengoku Mahjong, and Devil Crush are available starting today, priced at the standard Game Archives going price of 600.

The games are playable on both PlayStation 3 and PSP.

In a statement, Sony said to expect more PC Engine titles on the service in the future. Below is the press release, roughly translated:

Press Release: Sony Computer Entertainment Of Japan (SCEJ), today in 2009 Wednesday, July 15 from the PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) and PSP "PlayStation Portable" download service available in the PlayStation Store "GEMUAKAIBUSU" in the category, PC 2 engine will be handled in software.

"GEMUAKAIBUSU" the original PlayStation software assets and PSP and PS3 range of services enjoy 2006 Wednesday, November 22 from the start, over 300 line-up available, many for everyone we enjoy.

PC software manufacturers in the past software engine was sold for "GEMUAKAIBUSU" by adding to the masterpieces of the past more "PlayStation" and can be delivered to everyone in the user.

Manufacturer and Wednesday, July 15 is "Bomberman'94" and the release of four titles, we will gradually expand the lineup.

The SCEJ, PlayStation Network with more content and services that expand enjoy, PS3 and PSP will vigorously promote the expansion and spread of the platform.

2009 Wednesday, July 15 on PlayStation Store to be delivered in the "PC Engine Archives" list

- Bomberman'94 - 600 - Hudson
- Takahashi Meijin Adventure Island's - 600 - Hudson
- Mahjong Sengoku - 600 - Hudson
- DEBIRUKURASSHU - 600 - Hudson

PS3 and PSP download content delivery and enjoy the following. New promotional video pay video content items added GEMUGEMUAKAIBUSU Free Trial.

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