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    Newbie mrmiller24's Avatar
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    Jun 2008

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    Now that sony has fixed the 2.4 update with the 2.41 does this mean the stardust update 4.0 is available again? im just curious because im considering buying this game due to the trophies and i wont bother till the trophy update is ready again.

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    Newbie Radiskull's Avatar
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    Apr 2005

    The Team Pack will be on this PS Store this week:
    Also, here’s a quick look at some of the notable game content releasing this week:

    - The Best of The Who Rock Band Edition
    - Super Stardust HD Team Mode Add-on
    - Elefunk an upcoming PLAYSTATION Network downloadable puzzle game

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    I just got the Late Boomer silver trophy. *Sighs with relief*. The tactic that i used was at the start immedidately head right and try to stay just to the right of the crater feature opposite to where you spawned. This way all the rocks will naturally flow away from you. Then take out the bomb ships 1 and 2 preferably with a single bomb altough chances are that wont happen where you are. Then when the Blue Ring of Rocks appears, sty inside it but close to the edge, that way most of the rocks falling will go outside the ring. Then just try to stay alive focusing around the crater feature. Then soon the rest of the ships will follow.

    In testimony of this methods usefulness/validity I have played 436 games of Bomber and only in the last 10 tries i thought of this method and it worked that quick. When

    I got the trophy, I didn't blow up two ships with one bomb, instead the red spikeys took one out for me. So i guess this is largely based upon luck to some extent too.

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    Newbie mairsy7's Avatar
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    Mar 2007

    good stuff mate, that is hard to get... am gona go and have a blast now. lol

    Edit: haha funny!! i just got it, i was on 14, got a shield and thought cant mess up now... i did. ahhhhhhh!!! next go same thing happend and i got it then. lol i cant really say i had a plan, i did what wicked did for the 1st bit. then the rest is just luck really. its safe to say if u dont get 2 ships with 1 bomb then u aint gona do it really.

    or unless a spike blows 1 up like with wicked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrmiller24 View Post
    Now that sony has fixed the 2.4 update with the 2.41 does this mean the stardust update 4.0 is available again? im just curious because im considering buying this game due to the trophies and i wont bother till the trophy update is ready again.
    I bought super stardust without knowing that the 4.0 release was ready, but to my delight it turned out that it was, and i have enjoyed earning trophies and having brilliant fun.

    its a fantastic game, i bought it for the trophies but ended up loving the game.

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    Late Boomer VIDEO + GUIDE

    I know that many people are having trouble earning the Late Boomer trophy for Super Stardust HD, so I've greated this guide and video walkthrough.


    (1) Keep moving.

    (2) Be calm and fully awake.

    (3) Never let yourself become trapped by mines or rocks. It's okay to be stuck in that tightly wound thing later on, as it will actually protect you from a few waves of rocks before the mines can destroy the walls.

    (4) You MUST get two ships with one bomb early on. This will rocket you to 13 bombs, and only require a little more dodging before the third and fourth ships arrive.

    (5) All rocks, upon touchdown, no matter what, will gravitate towards a spot near the hole in the planet before bouncing around any more. In fact, they will all go towards your very spawn point. You can use this knowledge to your advantage by seeking refuge on the OPPOSITE side of the planet.

    (6) Your ship can touch rocks and barriers a little bit. Ships, rocks, and barriers have much smaller collision radii than mines. By knowing this, you may not freak out as much when a rock comes close.

    (7) Understand that the trophy is absolutely ridiculous, be above the game. This trophy is 1/2 skill, 1/2 psychology.

    Try training your weaving skills by going between barrier rocks several times. This refined control will allow you to be agile when it matters.

    Notice: This is NOT the only strategy to obtain Late Boomer, it is simply a strategy that has been proven to work, recorded, and uploaded.

    If this video if popular, I may consider making videos for other, also difficult-to-obtain trophies.


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