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    Hmm they just opened 2 in Las Vegas:S

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    Ya, the two local TRU stores here are still open also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by northernpimp
    i thought toys ar us was going out of business? the one at home closed, the one by my college closed and i would order it but since they are all closing thats sorta scary to put a pre order down.
    I've been hearing that for probably 2 years now. But the local one here is still around.

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    Seeing as how its 100% offical that the PS3 wont be seen until holiday 06 why would they be taking pre orders right now.... up to like 8 months in advance???

    On the good side, having all the preorders will give them a good idea of how many over that number they need for those of us who are brave enough not to preorder!!

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    I have pre-ordered mine at gamecrazy, but it's nice to hear that Toys R Us are taking pre-orders too this early.

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    Well i do know that it maybe early taking per-orders (although i have mine) most stores around where i live will start taking preorders when the 1st est release date is announced. Call it crazy but i was able to reserve madden 2007 last November. Its not due to August/September. It usually depends on the store and such. Before i moved i was in a smaller town and they actually placed orders based on preorders. My friend that worked there said that they would order like 20 or so more orders than the preorders. I most of the time i was still able to get what i wanted without a preorder.

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    Well I went to Toysrus and preordered the system, now its a waiting game. When I asked the clerk if she knew anything about pricing, all she said was that she got an email from HQ saying right now sony is reporting to them that it will be 499$ CDN and it will come with 1 controller and two games + any other accesories. She also said that anything can change, so nothing is set in stone.

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    I pre-ordered it in lik-sang (online store) and they will me know by e-mail when it arrives in stock.I buy it even it will be cost $900.This because i want to play in next gen games so much that you can`t even imagine. Especially want test new mgs and gta when i`ll have this console and i don`t forget test it with my psp.


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