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Thread: The Top Five PlayStation 3 Features Added via Firmware Updates

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    The Top Five PlayStation 3 Features Added via Firmware Updates

    The PlayStation 3 launched in late 2006. Since then, Sony has added plenty of new features via constant firmware updates. Here are the top five added firmware update features on the PlayStation 3.

    5. Background Downloading (PlayStation 3 Firmware Version 1.60)

    Downloading content from the Playstation Store was a major pain in the early days. You have to stay on the same screen for long periods of time (in some cases, hours). Not to mention that you can't resume from the same point if you disconnected.

    Playstation 3 Firmware Version 1.60 fixes that cumbersome problem by enabling background downloading, which let gamers perform other functions while in the process of downloading. In addition, you can resume a download anytime and automatically shut down the Playstation 3 once the download is complete.

    4. BD-LIVE (PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.20)

    For the longest time, the Playstation 3 was the best Blu-ray player on the market. The main reason for its success was the ability to upgrade to a higher profile. Therefore, the Playstation 3 was able to stay ahead of the curve by upgrading Blu-ray Profile to 1.1 and then 2.0 (BD-LIVE). It isn't just Blu-ray movies either; firmware updates also added Windows Media, DIVX and Flash media support for the Playstation 3.

    3. Trophy Support (PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.40)

    Achievements for the Xbox 360 are a big success. Having a universal way to show off your video game accomplishments increase replayability and extend the life of a title. Sony saw the added value in that feature and decided to implement their own via the Playstation 3 Firmware 2.40. Now every Playstation 3 games from now on will include trophy support.

    2. PSP Remote Play (PlayStation 3 Firmware 1.60)

    Owners of both a PSP and Playstation 3 got a special treat with Playstation 3 Firmware 1.60. For their loyalty, Sony enables the PSP to connect to the Playstation 3. This open up many new features including the ability to control your Playstation 3 via a PSP from anywhere, play certain Playstation 3 games on your PSP and play all Playstation titles via Remote Play.

    1. In-Game XMB (PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.40)

    The XMB has been with the Playstation 3 since launch. The slick menu system makes the gaming system a standout against the competition. However, the XMB didn't reach its full potential until gamers were able to use it while playing a game.

    In-Game XMB enable the ability to check on downloads, message friends, compare trophies and many other activities anytime when playing a game. The In-Game XMB is the best firmware update feature to the Playstation 3 due to the tremendous added convenience.

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    Somaxman Guest
    Now we are only waiting for an in-game sleep mode. I don't like to run a machine on full throttle, while I'm not in front of it.
    Especially a machine with a consumption of a refrigerator.

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