Yesterday Sony acknowledged that a Fat Princess patch fix for the online issues many gamers have been experiencing was in the works.

Today Titan Studios have detailed the update on their blog, to quote:

We've received a flood of emails in the last 36 hours. We're humbled by the incredible outpouring of appreciation and support from the community, and by the number of fans who have invested staggering amounts of time and effort in writing thoughtfully about their experiences and offering suggestions. Many of you are also actively contributing to forums all over the Web.

Ninety-five out of a hundred emails are from gamers loving the game, even though some of them are experiencing varying degrees of networking problems and other bugs. Some of you have have serious troubles and are rightfully frustrated. We're frustrated too, and we're on it. Regardless, we thank you all. Titan loves you back.

Patch in Testing

We have implemented fixes that should substantially improve critical connection and lag issues. A patch has now entered testing. No ETA yet. When we have information to share, you'll get it.

Known Issues, Bugs, Imbalances

The following bugs and imbalances have been well reported and documented. In general, there is no need to send additional information. If you come across something new - please send it on.

- Failed Game Connections
- Lag
- Hosting Problems
- AoE Scoring Exploits
- Stalemates
- Missing Princess (on certain levels)
- Dead Hat Machines
- Scoreboard Issues (only top 1000 scores shown)
- Ranking System Problems

Balancing, Feature Requests, Other Comments

We have also received hundreds of great suggestions, some of which will directly result in changes to the game at some point down the road. Among those that have been well documented:

- Changes to Ranking System
- Changes to Scoring System
- Stalemate Breakers (e.g. - Finite Cake, Slim Fast Princess)
- Server Lists
- Clan Management
- Hosted Servers
- Class Balance
- More Classes
- More Class Upgrades
- More Maps
- More Modes
- More Sports
- Even Fatter Princesses
- Unbelievably Fat Gargantuan Princesses

Please note: we have so many emails coming in that though we'll read it all, we will not be able to respond to everything. We only have so many hours in the day, and I am sure you'll all agree that work on the game takes priority. Thanks for your understanding.

FAQ Coming

We'll be working on a FAQ in the coming days. The FAQ will address the game, technical problems, systems, etc. Stay tuned.

Strategy / Tips

Titan Studios is also working on a Fat Princess strategies and tips page. Some of them were by design, and some have emerged from live play. Until then, play as a team, use voice chat, and know that a piece of virtual cake has 150 calories.

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