International Affairs Manager Lucy Khatajaeva at Lesta Studio has announced that Time Machine: Rogue Pilot hits the PlayStation 3 entertainment system today on PSN for $6.99 with details below.

To quote: Later today, all North American PSN users will get full access to our new title Time Machine: Rogue Pilot.

Today, I'm finally going to answer one of the most popular questions: Time Machine: Rogue Pilot's classic (yet innovative) gameplay, multiplayer features, and extra modes will be available for as little as $6.99!

To celebrate our big day, we've reached out to members of the development team to learn what they like most about the game, what are they especially proud of, and what they think PSN users will most like. Here are their answers.

Andrey, Lead Programmer

Mood-o-meter. Seriously. I think it's a great idea - it's fresh, it's interesting, it's challenging. We even designed a special Trophy for it!

The better you play, the nicer the characters are - they smile, encourage you, and when the mood-o-meter is full, they give you an awesome superbonus that destroys like 50% of the tiles on the screen. Sounds rather easy, but you really need to play like hell in order to destroy the tiles fast enough to make that girl smile.

Yana, Lead Artist

My personal favorites are the Extra modes. They're pretty cool and rather addictive - I nearly missed my bus once staying in the office late playing Puzzle mode. It's the one where you need to destroy all tiles with only a limited amount of shots.

There's 6 levels, each being harder than the previous. Really addictive. That's what I like as a gamer. As a developer, I'm really proud of Time Machine's visuals.

Andrey, Lead QA

Time Machine: Rogue Pilot was a great experience. It was my first project at Lesta Studio and I'm really proud of it. The thing I like most is... Well, I guess I like everything in this game. I've played it like a billion times testing it, and I still want it on my PS3.

That's it for now, but be sure we'll tell you more soon. Check out the demo for Time Machine: Rogue Pilot on PSN when and tell us what you think of the game - welcome to comments!

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