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    Stick Out Tongue Tiger 07 (USA) released; PS3 iSO Loader being tested!!

    Today the GODS @ Paradox have released Tiger_Woods_PGA_Tour_07_USA_PS3-PARADOX which is the last remaining USA PS3 title that currently needed dumping. For those interested, the size is 6.85 GB (7,365,525,504 bytes) and the NFO File is available, and although PDX let us know they haven't had time to examine FW 1.5 yet their NFO Files states the following:
    | sPECIAL nOTE: |
    | |
    | Stop nagging about loaders - it will come if and when its ready |
    | Now sod off and let us beta test it ! |
    So hopefully the BETA testing won't take long, however, there is a good chance nothing will be released publically until after the EUR PS3 release on March 23, 2007. More to come on this exciting news as it's available, and be sure to drop by iRC EFnet #PS3News for the latest updates!

    In PS2 news today, after 1 1/2 years NDT has finally shared RipMagic v3.08 For PS2 with the public! For those curious, this is THE tool that was used to beat many groups involved in the DVD Rip scene- it allows you to Patch DVD-Check functions, Extract/Rebuild most big-files, Find big-files index tables, Find LBA Tables, Analyze the extracted file headers in order to re-link the same kind of files, Search for dupe files that often make big-files so big and then re-link them, Extract a filename list and rename extracted files, Extract/Rebuild multiple-ELF files in order to patch them correctly, and much more! Those interested can provide him your THANKS and feedback in the THIS Forum thread. Nice job NDT, and I've given you a 'Thumbs Up' myself along with 100 credits too!

    In PSP news today, Dark_AleX has shared with us Custom Firmware 3.03 OE-C For PSP in the Official PSP 3.03 OE-C And Compatibility thread! of our PlayStation Portable Chat Forum. It comes with a whole range of changes including the ability for AVC videos bitrate limit to be patched, boot speed is faster, XMB speed can be changed, WiFi works at 333 MHz, and a whole lot more!

    PSPSwampy has also added a nice Guide to Installing 3.03 SE-C and Guide to UnInstalling Custom Firmware to our ongoing Official PSP 3.03 OE-C And Compatibility thread! for those interested!

    In other PSP news today, Hello World For PSP v2.00-3.03 is now available. This exploit requires an original, unpatched GTA: LCS game to run, and within 1 week a 3.03 PSP downgrader will be available to use with it too!

    In Wii news today, itwong let us know Need_for_Speed_Carbon_USA_WII-SYNDiCATE has been released.

    PSP Files: PSX Ultra Ripper v0.2 For PSP, 3.03 OE AutoBoot Plug-In v0.3 For PSP, PopStation CopStation Mod v2.1-2.2 For PSP, PopStation OE-C CDDA Mod For PSP, PSPFTP For PSP 2.00-3.03, BMP2MIG Converter GUI For PSP, and Simple PopStation GUI v3.00 BETA For PSP.
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