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Thread: Three more User-Created maps for UT3 on PS3!

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    Three more User-Created maps for UT3 on PS3!

    Yesterday marked the day of the first ever user created content for the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 on the PS3. And today, Epic's Mark Rein has let it be known that three more pieces of user-created content have been released in the shape of VCTF-Slax, DM-Krodan, and Mutator: VASUT3AutoShields.

    Download: VCTF-Slax / DM-Krodan / Mutator: VASUT3AutoShields

    To quote: Ready for more? Well, we've got more for you!

    3 more maps and a new mutator! Again, all user-created! You guys rock!

    The gametype we were looking at had some unexpected issues on the PS3, but if those manage to get resolved we'll be sure to get it out to everybody.

    Hope everyone loves these new mods as much as we have here!

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    Its really great to see this being put into full effect, instead of just being something that was printed on the box but never properly realized. This is sure to increase the lifespan of the game greatly when mod-makers are able to sign their own mods for the ps3.

    With the news that this game is getting the support it deservs, i thinks its about time i went and imported this baby.

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