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    Starlight Guest

    Things to Add in Metal Gear Solid 4 for PS3!

    Fair warning right now, there will be general Metal Gear game spoilers in this article. If you have not finished Metal Gear Solid 4 at very least, go do so and then come back and read. The other games in the series may also have spoilers, but odds are you had that ruined or you played with the database too much already. Ok you've been warned.

    I recently completed Metal Gear Solid 4 and what a ride it was. Great game start to finish, however there are some things I would have liked to have seen added. Calm down fanboys, I'm not knocking the game in ANY way, here are just my suggestions to give us a little more time in the Metal Gear World. Before I continue, I'll say it again, there are going to be some spoilers in here! Read on at your own risk!

    Add #1: Playable Raiden
    I know it's a little crazy, but why not let us do some Raiden chapters to see what he's been up to before he jumps in to hack and slash some Gekko up? The Metal Gear Series has never really let you play as one of the awesome Ninjas (Olga, Grey Fox aka Frank Jaeger, and now the cool, sword carrying acrobatic Raiden who apparently quit being a girl since MGS2.

    Yeah I said it, take that MGS2 Raiden fans) and I think it's about time we get to pull off some crazy ninja action. Should be easy enough to do, just add a ninja skin, take away all the guns and give him the blade. The suit should have no issue with octocamo right? I mean cmon, MGS is all about stealth, and who has more stealth than a Ninja? (Answer: NO ONE...maybe Big Boss)

    Add #2: Snake Battle Skills
    Here come some spoilers! At the end of Metal Gear Solid 4, you find yourself in a situation similar to MGS1. Snake Versus Liquid. Ding Ding Ding, let the match begin. The game mechanics change and you join the Snake Fight Club and there's only going to be one match. Here's the add part, Snake does more than just a 3 hit combo in this fight and I ask, why not have those skills in the whole game? He'd be so much more effective if he could brawl some guys at times.

    Basically, this add is just asking for more hand to hand from Snake. I know he's old now, but he can still brawl and it's about time he shows it. (On the plus side, it actually delivered a Man to Man fight, unlike the DMC3 teaser shots showing a possible fight between Dante and Vergil that turned out to be utter crap. Yes I'm still bitter cause that would have been awesome and could only have lead to a Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 with Dante and Vergil included. I'm reaching I know, but hey it could happen).

    Add #3: Teach Us Snake!
    This one rides on Number 2 as well. In the Snake Vs. Liquid fight, the game just throws you into combat and doesn't tell you what to do at first, normally leading to Liquid popping you a few times while you try to figure it out. I'm not all for game tutorials, but it would have been nice! (It also would have been nice to give us a little refresher for the flashback to Shadow Moses MGS1 scene, I couldn't remember how to choke someone out and it got me in trouble!).

    Also, this one can be added as part 2 or 3, but Snake should have more moves in the Man to Man fight. Maybe he could use some CQC and choke Liquid out, or at least do some body slams. The fight was already great fun, but the ability to CQC Liquid out would have been priceless.

    Add #4: Cutscene Viewer
    This of course has nothing to do with gameplay at all. It would have been nice to have completed the game and then gone back to all the "WTF?!?!?" cutscene moments in order to see what the heck is going on. This also gives an incentive to play again of course, but I don't want to wait until near the end of the game to see the Meryl and Akiba Mr. and Mrs. Smith clip. That was just awesome. And by awesome, I mean really dorky and I would never want to see it again (All lies, I'm so watching that scene when I get back to it on my second play through).

    From here on out, My Adds will be related to online gameplay, starting with...

    Add #5: Ninja Character on MGO!
    I really like Ninjas. They are stealthy. They get to act cool all the time too. No really, why not have a character that is a Ninja? Again, tweak the options a bit (skill set would consist of blades, runner, The trap marker skill and something else, maybe a skill that makes you quieter as you move). This may also lead to Ninja Wars, which you all know would rock like nothing else. I'd pay Konami for a Ninja Character Slot, no doubt.

    Add #6: Snake Vs. Liquid Online
    Yeah it would be corny, but if they added more and created a real fighting game, it would be just one more game mode of MGO. More game modes = better, everytime. Unless of course all the new game modes suck. This one would not, therefore, better MGO. This could also be a way to get back at that really annoying player that keeps stealing your CQC kills by shooting the enemy in the head while you are holding them. It could even be used to contest a kick between the person calling for the vote and the person receiving the kick! Yes, I know another crazy idea, but Snake Vs. Liquid online would be fun.

    Add #7: Rex Vs. Ray Battle Online
    Lucky number 7, my final add. Much like add #6, this add would just allow for another mode of MGO. The Rex Vs. Ray battle was surprisingly fun, similar to that old arcade game CyberSled, but with functional controls, weapons that do damage and a way to see if your opponent is about to bite the dust. One on one would be a great mode for MGO or even 2 vs. 2 or a 4 player free for all. I know it would be getting a little too Armored Core here, but customization could be offered to enhance the battle even further.

    So there you have them, my seven adds to Metal gear Solid 4. Kojima and Konami, should you read this, I'm just putting it out there that I'd be happy to break open the wallet for some fulfillment DLC. Just throwing it out there, ball's in your court now....

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    how about...

    8.- Having the mgs3 curing option? Do you remember the viewer where you healed BB in mgs3 it was so cool to patch him up the best you could to stop bleedings and stuff?

    that would be great as well as hunting your food from mgs3 was in my opinion very good and could had been left as an option.

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    codo27 Guest
    How about using my tunes on my HD on the Ipod, hurry up Hideo, wheres the patch??

    Also the Ipod should be in MGO. As well as unlockable skins for MGO, once you get certian ranks in the main game, or even a certian level in MGO, be able to play as Ocelot, Otacon, or the afformentioned Ninja, etc.

    What about a Metal Gear battle in MGO?

    and Finally, vehicles in MGO. I suppose most of the maps wont allow for it, but new maps with vehicle control would be great.

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    perzian111 Guest
    *Able to select which Act of the story you like to play when you beat the game.

    *VR Missions
    sneaking, weapons, puzzles, etc.

    *Snake Tales
    random missions with snake has some random story to it like in mgs 2 substance

    *New areas to go if random missions offline
    snake tales or whatever

    *More maps for MGO

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    Sakagarai Guest
    I think a Raiden mode in MGO would be fun. Everyone against one Raiden with a lot of HP and Battle strength.

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    Stonecutter Guest
    I think the playable Raiden would be pretty good, same with a cutscene viewer.

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    Cammarratta Guest
    Why not have all the ninjas in there? That would be great Frank, Olga, and Jack all facing off...

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    Dbenge Guest
    Maybe add a stat upgrade for things such as:

    1) Aiming
    2) Stamina

    and ect.

    Or maybe an update with more weapons

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