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    atlask2 Guest

    Video: Inside PS3 Super / Ultra Slim, Internal Disassembly Pictures

    Following up on the PS3 super / ultra slim unboxing, first look, and HDD guide, today I've opened Sony's new console to see what is inside.

    I've made a video of the disassembly, and some pictures of the new MSX-001 motherboard.

    As you can see, there's a lot of modifications on this model: MB, BR drive, HDD emplacement and so on.

    You can see the Blu-ray drive, very small than older BR drive.

    PS: To remove the 2 glossy pieces, you just have to slide to the right like the PS3 fat.

    According to pereb27, the new model features no RSX IHS (but still contains a Cell IHS) potentially meaning the end of the dreaded PS3 YLOD... it looks like Sony finally did something right.

    Below are some PS3 super / ultra slim internal disassembly pictures and videos, as follows:

    Finally, here is a PlayStation 3 Super Slim Teardown Guide for those interested as well.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    gamesfreak Guest
    WOW! looks really neat and cool. so compact

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    technodon Guest
    would like to see a nor backup from this board

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    NTA Guest
    Nice avatar atlask2. I have it buried somewhere in my harddrive lol

    Cool videos. Did you use a regular screwdrivers or did you have the sony kit I've been seeing online?

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    d3adliner Guest
    Surprised no one has asked about swap tricks.

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    niwakun Guest
    everything is compact. it's very notable that WiFi/Bluetooth Chipset is far more smaller now and now embedded on motherboard, same with Blu-ray drive..

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    atlask2 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by NTA View Post
    Nice avatar atlask2. I have it buried somewhere in my harddrive lol

    Cool videos. Did you use a regular screwdrivers or did you have the sony kit I've been seeing online?
    I have a box with 100 "pins"

    You need just two type : a phillips and a torx 8

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    Takeshi Guest
    No IHS does NOT mean no YLOD. Which idiot told you this crap?

    It only makes it easier to fix the YLOD, that's all.

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    atlask2 Guest
    no ihs mean a better TDP for the RSX, so a bit less risky to have an YLOD on this model.

    With or without a ihs, you'll always need a bga station to repair correctly a ylod... reflow it's that the crap

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    Takeshi Guest
    I know, that the cooling is better, but this means only "rare YLOD", not "no YLOD". As long as you have BGAs, there are solderjoints, which get faulty. I had PS2, PSP and DS with broken solderjoints at an BGA, all the BGAs had no IHS. And - big suprise - the Xb360 has the same problem without having an IHS IHS. Therefore it's absolutely crap, that the PS3 will have no YLOD because of the missing IHS.

    With or without BGA station, you have to remove the IHS. If there is no IHS, it is easier.

    And no, reballing is not the ony way to repair the YLOD, you can only use a reflow, if you do a good reflow. The problem is, that many people reflow their mainboard a heatgun, heat it up for a few minutes and that's it. This is a bad reflow, but not the only way to reflow a BGA.

    One more thing. The IHS does not define the temperature alone. The fan-speed effects effects significantly more on the cooling than the IHS. If the heat transmission is worse because of the IHS, than the fan speed gets higher and the GPU-temperature is the same -> no effect on the temperature, only on the fan-speed. And the temperature is preset in the PS3, to hold the temperature at the same level, indipendent of the cooling situation.

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