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    Test this for me!

    Someone please FTP a renamed PS3 game image (like "Fight Night: Round 3.MP3") to the actually PS3 partition I want to know if it is also limited by file size limit like FAT-32 (4GB)

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    It should at least copy over...thats all im interested in (I know renaming the file works because I've done it with EBOOT.BIN to EBOOT.JPG and it copied fine)(The file size limit is my concern & that can't be tested with FAT32)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 311 View Post
    Just used red kawa media center x as web file host, I logged in easily and there all the files that I shared on the pc side ready to be transferred to my ps3 directories. typical files worked great but the fnr3 ps3 iso renamed to jpg gave me a network error when trying to copy it over to ps3 side. Had to try though.
    So to the fullest of your PROFESSIONAL opinion, not just throwing it out as fact, would you say that it is limited by the File System, the network, or the fact that it is a "corrupt" .jpg?

    When I recieve a reply I can say very much about this Paradox PS3 MOD

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