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Thread: Ten Things That Suck About Metal Gear Solid 4

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    djmelonface Guest
    Yeah I don't know what happened to the MGS series. I LOVED the first 2, but even the third one I didn't get all the way through.

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    LupinSaiko Guest
    A fans worst things of MGS4:

    Best gameplay Ive had in a while, too bad you dont get much of it. There is really only 2.5 hours of real the great gameplay. The rest of the 5 hours of gameplay the game has is divided into chase sequences and tailing some guy. It feels kind of like a tease.

    Yet again, the Online fails pretty hard. If they had just used a system of unlocks like in CoD4 instead of the temporary Drebin point system more akin to CS:S.

    Dominated by cut scenes. Don't get me wrong, 12-15 hours of cut scenes? Im in heaven. But there needed to be at least 12-15 hours of gameplay to back it up or more.

    Even as a guy who has played every game in the series and only not finished MG:SS, the jokes got annoying at times. Especially the Blu-Ray one, and yes I know its not a joke at 360 but at the original MGS. But the shit jokes got real annoying real fast.

    Those are I guess 4 things I felt sucked about MGS4. As a fan I of course want to give it a 10/10, but remaining objective I have to give it a 9. Mainly cause the story is great but way overdone compared to the limited amount of gameplay, and you are abruptly thrown out of what little awesome gameplay there is into somewhat gimmicky throw aways.

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    tmaster Guest
    i got this game today. i have just started to play the game and found the cutsceans are too long, they're good.. but long.

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    Aeonin Guest
    Beat the game twice already, it was quite amazing. I don't agree with a lot of the points in the first post, but I do realize that in some areas - this game is quite flawed. The story now officially doesn't make sense, not because I don't understand it, but because the motivations and reasonings are way off.

    Plus that Act 3 stuff really was a little boring. There should've been some other part between the tailing sequence and the chase. I felt they could've utilized the city much more. And yeah, about the codec, there were only two. And one of them said the same thing over and over again (Rosemary). I would've rather called Sunny or Drebin.

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    makk Guest
    I really wish that the game had the option to do a single 20 - 25gb install for those of us that have upgraded our hard drives. I would rather do a half hour install in one go & get it over & done with.

    Who knows maybe it could be added as an option later on if a new model comes out featuring a bigger hard drive.

    But i doubt it.

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    DarkArchon Guest
    Some of these comments about having more gameplay isnt valid. hieko could not fit anymore content onto a blu-ray disc as he had run out of space. I guess he would rather have cutscenes rather than more gameplay. what can you do.

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    Donar Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Starlight View Post
    3. Gameplay is basically Metal Gears of War
    When Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater came out and turned the MGS series on its head, I loved it. I was ready for something new, and the jungle environments, camo system, and necessity to survive made MGS3 an experience unlike any other Metal Gear games before it.
    I also like Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, but the constant switching between the best camo got on my nerves after a short while. I like the "auto" camo much more. By the way, happy waiting if you wanted to use one of the Downloaded patterns from MemoryCard in MGS : Snake Eater...

    the game instead coerces you to go in guns blazing in order to gain the friendship of the local militia.
    I would rather say that the game is easier if the militia sees you as a friend, and that it is normally faster to out gun something than sneaking around it. But if you like sneaking - just do it.

    7. Way too many cutscenes

    I understand that it's a Metal Gear Solid game and that means lots of cutscenes, but MGS4 is just ridiculous. Congratulations Konami, you made a 10 hour television mini-series and tacked on 4 hours of uneven gameplay.
    Yeah it's like an interactive film, but i like it. My complaint is that checkpoints are too scarce.

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    H4ZE Guest
    Kojima's Masterpiece, a joy from start to finish, just a shame it had to end.

    Dismiss this game, and you're missing out on an absolute pearl.

    My only complaint is that the cut scenes could of been a little shorter, but it answers every question you could ever have about the series, and have high quality, very well presented with great voice acting.

    MGS4 is def a GOTY contender and possibly winner.

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