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Thread: Telltale Games: The Walking Dead: 400 Days Out on PS3 Today

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    Telltale Games: The Walking Dead: 400 Days Out on PS3 Today

    Telltale Games Community Lead Laura Perusco announced that The Walking Dead: 400 Days is officially out on PS3 via PSN today!

    To quote: If you were poking around online yesterday, chances are you might have seen our LATE BREAKING ANNOUNCEMENT from Telltale Games that The Walking Dead: 400 Days is officially headed to PlayStation Network on PlayStation 3.... TODAY!

    This special DLC episode features five short stories set during the first 400 Days of the undead apocalypse, giving you a unique perspective on the world seen in Season One of the series. 400 Days will also take into consideration the choices made during your play-through of the first five episodes, effecting certain aspects of your play through of the DLC.

    On top of that, the choices you make in 400 Days will also have an effect on the upcoming Season Two of the series, coming later this Fall!

    If you've never played the series, we also have some more great news... Starting today, The Walking Dead: Episode One - A New Day will be FREE FOR DOWNLOAD on PlayStation Network for a limited time!

    This is especially good news if you're interested in checking out this latest episode, since you'll need to at least have Episode One of the series on your hard drive in order to purchase The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC for just $4.99 USD.

    We don't necessarily recommend playing 400 Days before playing all of Season One, but it's not required as it features an entirely new cast of characters separate from Lee & Clementine's story.

    That's probably enough babbling from me over here, but we're thrilled to launch the episode today on the PlayStation Store, so check it out and let us know what you think!

    Also, the PS Vita version of The Walking Dead: Season One, including the 400 Days DLC, is looking on track for release sometime next month in August, and we'll have more news and more details on that bundle very soon!

    Until then, if you're a PlayStation 3 user, enjoy the episode and we'll be tracking the choices made by the community all month long, so swing on into Red's Diner today where the most difficult decision you'll have to make WON'T just involve what's on the menu.... trust us.

    [imglink=|Telltale Games: The Walking Dead: 400 Days Out on PS3 Today][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Telltale Games: The Walking Dead: 400 Days Out on PS3 Today][/imglink]
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    elser1 Guest
    just got this from us store. only 4.99 so thats a good buy i think. lucky the 1st episode is free though as you need it to play and i platinumed the game through my friends account by gamesharing and don't have it anymore. lol

    definitely a good buy for anyone looking for something cheap and different. though its in no way worthy of goty last year with all the awesome games.

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    JeoWay Guest
    I thought this was also suppose to be on the Vita as well?

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    dyceast Guest
    EP 1 - 5 was pretty cool

    Mighty check this 1 out

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    elser1 Guest
    will be coming to vita later this year mate.. according to them at e3 anyways!

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    Got this on steam (PC).

    If you liked interactive storybased games like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls then this game is worth playing. This is especially true if you have interest in the Walking Dead universe, as I feel that is what really drives this game.

    Shame they are taking so long to get this to the vita when it's already available on many other devices.

    Do yourself a favor and use headphones or game somewhere with as little distraction as possible so you can immerse yourself into the game.

    If you bought the game on telltale's site (PC) you actually get this DLC for free.

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    elser1 Guest
    typical sony ripping every dollar they can from our wallets. grr i don't mind this though, the price was fair, although i'm annoyed pc is free and not ps3.

    thanks for the tip about heaphones man.ill use my headset again, for the 1st time in 6 months .lol

    wish the ps4 had more usbs. at least 4 or 6. gonna be a hassle there to i'd say.

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