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    Tekken 6 PS3 Slim 250GB Bundle Revealed, Arrives This Month

    A few days ago we caught a peek at the PS3 Slim 250GB NFS Shift Edition's gray box, and today Dutch site NextGamer.nl (linked above) has revealed the Tekken 3 PS3 Slim 250GB bundle.

    Pictured below, the new Tekken 6 bundle is expected to cost approximately ?349 and be available for sale this month.

    To quote, roughly translated: "The Slim PlayStation 3 will be bundled with some new games, so we know that Need for Speed: Shift example, will form a bundle.

    But now we found by chance the image of Tekken 6 a bundle. This image came to us at the official Sony site!

    How much this bundle will cost? We estimate ?349. And this month, the PS3 Slim 250GB for sale!"

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    darkkarnie Guest

    tekken awesome

    tekken 6 wtf i didnt know that there was going to be a 6.. cool!

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