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    Tekken 5 hits Playstation store in Japan

    "Playstation 3 owners in Japan today were surprised to find that they can now download Tekken 5: Dark Ressurrection from the Playstation Store.

    The 830 megabyte downloadable game costs about $17 and is essentially a rework of Tekken 5 with some new characters and new modes of play running at 1080p. The game's modes include arcade battle, ghost battle, versus battle and a gallery for viewing and downloading images and movies.

    So anyone with a Japanese account wanna share the goods? lol
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    when are they planning to release it in the US?

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    Big Grin Yes!

    cant wait for u.s. release, jinpachi's gonna be so tight!

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    830mb? and 1080p output? how many characters are available for play? this can't be a full game, its gotta be an add on unless i'm missing something here....

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    about 8 or more new playable character and all new stages except maybe one. and no ending movie

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    IGN has previewed the Japanese version.

    Apparently it lacks some game modes from the original version and PSP Dark Ressurrection. Hopefully it can keep me busy till Tekken 6 comes out.

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