One of Tecmo's most prominent developers,, Keisuke Kikuchi, has revealed that the PS3 just worked better when developing Quantum Theory. The dev also admitted that the upcoming shooter is most comparable to Gears of War.

To quote: In an interview published today on Kikizo, one of Tecmo's most prominent development staff, Keisuke Kikuchi, said that PS3 "worked better" for them in developing the upcoming shooter Quantum Theory - but admits the game is most comparable to Gears of War.

"Initially, the game concept was built around this game being a PC game... the project was altered slightly, and we tested out the graphics and visual presentation on the PS3. And looking at that, we were pretty confident that we were going to be able to display and execute what we wanted to using the power of the PS3."

He explained that the environmental detail From The trailer was something they wanted to push, adding: "we just thought the PS3 worked better for us."

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