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Thread: Team ICO's Project Trico HD Trailer and Screenshot Available

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    Team ICO's Project Trico HD Trailer and Screenshot Available

    Up until now, the only image that has been released about Team ICO's next game is a single image of a chain hanging down what appears to be a well.

    To quote: Today we help lift the curtain off of this project a bit and shed some light on what Fumito Ueda has been up to these past few years and as you will see, it is rather close to ICO.

    This is very early footage the next game from Team ICO. As with most early footage you can expect graphical enhancements for the final product.

    Some of these elements, such as the main character, or scenarios you see here may not make the final cut.

    Below is some early footage of the next game from Team ICO, exclusive to the PlayStation 3. This video may not represent the final product. Allow some time for this to buffer.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Coolie4 Guest
    Wow! Game "Looks" amzaing, like a cross between SOTC and ICO (how ironic, lulz)

    But what exactly do you do....? doesn't look like much action/adventure, except for that one part your... thing, lets call it "Griffon" the part where Griffon has arrows stuck in his fur, that may have someting to do with the action of this game, also the guard that he totally pwned, maybe theres more of them?

    Hope to see more of this game, I always thought they should make a sequal to SoTC, even though i knew they never would, maybe this game will turn out better than a sotc equal would be.

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    plains203 Guest
    I am guessing this is a stretched physics game considering the kid can hold on to the tail how he did and the griffen smashing up the bricks on the floor etc but it looks quite interesting.

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    y2kgt Guest
    Team ICO for the PS2 was a graphic beast! I can't wait for a PS3 version of Team ICO!!!

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    Manaknights Guest
    I personally love how they took a giant monster and made it look cute. It looks like something you should be afraid of but with the animation and the interaction between the boy it just feels like a giant kitten.

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