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    semitope Guest
    Another reason why the ps3 needs to be hacked. They let you upgrade HDD but lock you out of it once its in the ps3, and if that ps3 dies you are screwed unless you are a bit knowledgeable.

    I've never tried the decryption tools available here but they might help you get things off the hdd but i dont know if they will let u put files on the hdd to any good effect. You probably need the ps3 fixed, or you will have to settle for sending tons and tons of hatemail to sony and their stupid security.

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    SavageAce Guest
    Thanks for the reply semitope.

    I'd definitely settle for getting usable files off the encrypted HDD. Some PS3 saves should be easily transferrable to the new HDD if they aren't profile locked and I think there are already methods of transferring PS2 saves via USB drives. Those are the files I'd really like to salvage.

    Do you or anyone else have any tips on what programs to check out that might work?

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    Apr 2005


    There really are just the two at the moment:

    PS3 HDD Toolbox v0.94: http://www.ps4news.com/playstation-3...tor-v1-12-out/

    PS3 HDD Studio 2.08: http://www.ps4news.com/playstation-3...-ps3-hdd-tool/

    However, neither are geared for end-users that aren't highly experienced in using such tools... they were both released and intended for other PS3 Devs to examine and make their testing less painful/time-consuming.

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    rmrdpcs Guest


    Hate to bump an older thread, but will the decrypter at least make it so that data recovery programs can recover sectors on a quick-formatted drive while it's slaved to a PC?

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    iUnknown Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rmrdpcs View Post
    Hate to bump an older thread, but will the decrypter at least make it so that data recovery programs can recover sectors on a quick-formatted drive while it's slaved to a PC?
    You mean to say you let Windows (or other OS) format the drive in order to recognize it? If that's the case then you're completely out of luck. The HDD is encrypted so the minute you 'quick' format' you've overwritten the first 1000 or so (can't remember the number) sectors of the HDD.

    I had a similar issue where my PS3 was sent in for repairs (I took the drive out), but when I got it back they obviously paired the unit with another HDD because the PS3 insisted it be formatted before being used. Its a little overboard in my opinion since they could've used a more sensible approach to securing their system but granted that no one has significantly breached the PS3, I can't say it hasn't helped.

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    tvdbz431 Guest
    I am pretty sure as long as the drive is good and it was something else that went wrong with the ps3 and you have another working ps3.

    You could try taking the HD out of the broken and put it into the working ps3.
    You should be able to then boot the ps3 and see the data that is on that drive without having to reformat.

    You should then be able to run the back-up utility with to create an image on a external drive. That should recover everything like game saves that aren't tied specifically to the system hardware.

    If that does work you could just that drive in the new ps3 and turn the extra drive into an external.

    I do not have 2 ps3 to test this theory, I know it isn't hard to swap out though, seeing how I have upgraded my HD twice to a bigger size. Each time I make a backup before hand though.

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    equivocator Guest

    I am fairly certain that ANY hdd that is not tied to that specific console will ask for a format. This means if you took your hdd around to a friends house, it would still ask to wipe it clean.

    I did a bit of poking around because i had mine die on me a few weeks ago. I ended up sending it off for repair with a plea included asking sony tech not to wipe it (As I understand it, the first thing they do to fix it is wipe the hdd)

    OP seems as though there is nothing you can do...

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    Damp Harry Guest

    Help decrypting PS3 HDD

    Can any of you help, I work in a forensic environment, and am in the process at looking at PS3's as a means for storing data of interest, and more importantly the deleted data. Obviously the data can not be read using normal forensic tools as the drive is encrypted. What I am looking at doing is putting the data in a state that I can then read any plain data, and trawl the unallocated to extract any "deleted" data.

    Also am I right in thinking that the file system on the PS3 is an encrypted HFS file system???

    Thanks in advance.

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    glenviv Guest
    So is there no way to to uninitialize a ps3 drive once its intialized? Oh and no its not backed up or else i wouldnt be asking here id just back it up!

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    dj1138 Guest
    i'm not sure if this is what your looking for:




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