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    Take-Two's CEO and Board of Directors Replaced

    [IMGW][/IMGW]Analysts recently suggested shareholders have been so pissed off at the current Take-Two Interactive management, they were actually willing to oust them from power. In the middle of everyone dissecting Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV trailer, Bloomberg reports the shareholders made their move, removing CEO Paul Eibeler and the board of directors.

    Strauss Zelnick becomes chairman, while Benjamin Feder acts as interim CEO. Zelnick, Feder, Michael Dornemann, Jon Moses and Michael Sheresk have been instated as the company's new board of directors, hoping to somehow steer them into a world of profitability -- something the previous folks couldn't do, despite having one of gaming's biggest money makers.

    The company's experienced five quarters of losses in a row, so it's no surprise the shareholders are looking for change. Exactly what that change will be -- could Microsoft, Sony or Electronic Arts be looking for a buyout? -- remains to be seen.

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    Interesting, I doubt GTA IV will turn out differently regardless of who is steering TAke-Two

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