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    Take Two: Borderlands 2 Gets Simultaneous PSN Digital Release

    Take Two Europe Digital Sales Manager Ross McGrath has announced today that Borderlands 2 is getting a simultaneous PSN digital release.

    To quote: By now you'll probably be aware that Borderlands 2 is just one short week from release. That means it'll soon be time for you and up to three friends to return to Pandora and wreak some havoc on Handsome Jack and his nefarious cohorts.

    If you want to be among the first to return to the wastes and start your campaign against the Hyperion Corporation then there's still time to head over to PlayStation Store and pre-order ahead of the release on 21st September - the game will be launching at the same time on PSN as in retail stores.

    "But why? Tell us why, oh why we should pre-order!" I hear you all shout. Probably.

    To become a Borderlands 2 Premiere Club member of course! Not only will becoming a Premiere Club member give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, but also conveys the following benefits:

    • A brand new character class!
    • Come 16th October, Gaige the Mechromancer will be joining Axton, Maya, Salvador and Zer0 on Pandora, bringing a new style of play - commanding a mech named D374-TP (that's Deathtrap to you). Gaige will be available absolutely free to all Premiere Club members once released
    • The Vault Hunter's Relic!
    • Want to make sure you're always finding the very best loot from all those delicious gun chests dotted around the desert? Then you'll definitely be wanting one of these.
    • The Golden Key!
    • There's a mysterious loot chest in Sanctuary and there's only one way to open it...
    • The Gearbox Gun Pack!
    • A care package of unique Gearbox Golden Guns to help you start your journey across Pandora

    So what are you waiting for? Head to the PlayStation Store and pre-order Borderlands 2 for 49.99/€59.99/$89.95 and start your game with a bang the moment it becomes available.

    Oh, and if you can't get enough of the Borderlands, keep an eye on the PlayStation Blog when the game releases to get your hands on some exclusive goodies!

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    elser1 Guest
    don't know why its $89 on psn. jb has it for $69 here in aus.. LOL

    i guess you can share with 1 other person on psn tho.

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