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Thread: SuperTux 2 for PlayStation 3 Linux available

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    kunaldeo Guest

    SuperTux 2 for PlayStation 3 Linux available

    SuperTux 2 is free software, a classic style 2D jump and run game inspired by the Nintendo Super Mario series. It was originally created by Bill Kendrick and is currently maintained by the SuperTux Development Team.

    Instead of Mario, the hero in this game is Tux, the mascot of the Linux kernel, albeit the game's only reference to Linux. Many of the in-game graphics were created by Ingo Ruhnke, creator of Pingus.

    PlayStation 3 version can be downloaded from HERE.

    Installation Instructions:

    Download the file in root directory. And enter following commands

    $ su

    --enter root password--

    # cd /

    # tar xvfz Supertux2.tar.gz

    Run the game by entering command supertux2

    $ supertux2 More PlayStation 3 News...

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    puppero Guest
    lol, quite fun. If we will ever have RSX access again we could even play tuxracer :-)

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