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By Matt Leone 04/13/2007 Any time Capcom announces a new Street Fighter, it's a big deal. But what happens when that game is not actually new, but looks as different as anything the series has seen? We're about to find out.

At a press conference yesterday, Capcom announced Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, a downloadable version of the classic fighting game for Xbox Live Arcade and Sony's PlayStation Network. As the title indicates, the game will introduce an entirely new look for the series, with new art and high-resolution character sprites drawn by the artists at Udon Comics to allow the game to run comfortably in 1080p.

In a slide on display during the conference, Capcom showed character sprites from an older Street Fighter game and Guilty Gear next to the projected quality of what the company is looking to create with this HD Remix version -- which in the slide simply looked like hand drawn artwork. The point behind it all is that the company intends for the visuals to be the next step up from Guilty Gear as 2D fighting games go.

COMIC: We don't have any screenshots of Street Fighter in HD yet, but if you want to get a sense of what to expect, check out the art above from the Street Fighter comic. The art in the game is coming from Udon Comics, the company responsible for the sample page above.

While the game is very early in development at this point, Capcom has confirmed online play, a training mode, voice chat, rankings/leaderboards, different matchmaking options, and stat tracking, with a Fall release planned. Because of timing differences in the download schedules on PS3 and 360, the two versions may not hit on the exact same day, but according to Capcom senior director of strategic planning and research, Christian Svensson, "We will be coordinating such that they are within a week of each other."

After the conference, we sat down with Svensson to discuss the game.

1UP: From what I've heard [all development is underway at] Backbone. Is that correct?

CS: The programming and the project management is all being handled by Backbone, but there are multiple people working on this project. As I mentioned [in my speech earlier], Udon Comics is handling the majority of the art tasks as far as root creating all the art. Backbone will be pulling it all together, and making it all work.

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Thanks to 1UP.com for sharing the news with us!